|| Profile Number 2: Germaine's Other self ||

Physical Features: Same as her normal self except for some distinct differences. Her eyes when in this form turn a haunting orange and red along with growing extremely large pointed teeth.

Personality: She is now murderous and powered by her bloodline. After she feels threatened her other self comes out to play bringing with it her full ability. Sometimes these features wont go away for days. The other self's personality is as follows: Sadistic, Non-caring, Evil, and somewhat disturbing. Her other self is often refered to by the people she defeats as "The Puppet Master" or "The Controller" due to the fact usually, in its sadistic nature, it takes control of people so that whatever it does they do themselves. These injurys usually include neck snapping and other injuries of the head. As for it's other powers they are undetermined but caution is advised.

Past: The entity that possess Germaine is an ancient god who only seeks revenge on man kind for taking his friends away. This god was told to have a insane amount of power and wreaked havoc across the land until one day an all mighty deity descended and sealed the god away into a frail human body. Otherwise Germaine. Although Germaine doesnt know it ever happened and that it was the cause of her parents mysterious disappearance from the plane's wreckage. Although its probably for the best so she doesnt try to expel the entity herself.

Present: Same as past still locked away in Germaine only revealing itself when its able to otherwise when her mind is at its weakest.

"You are all my play toys now. Just give up."