This one is a ballad. I had been listening to some college-rock earlier that day, it would fit well on some punk album.

Come Around

I want to get close to you
But you rub me the wrong way
Its strange because
I come back wanting for more

You pick me up
You drag me down
So why do I keep coming around?
I'll keep coming around

Teasing turns to fighting
Being playful makes you spiteful
We can't turn this around
Our head games
All those cruel things
We're just messing around
I don't want to mess around

I want to pull you in
You push me away

You pick me up
You drag me down
But I'll keep coming around
I'll make you come around

You're a bittersweet taste
I want to swallow
But I always choke

When I pick you up
I'll drag you down