As usual, this is another tale of lovers who are not on the same level emotionally. Though unlike most of my works this is more 'from the other side', if that makes sense.

The Phrase

Over and over
That phrase repeated
At every chance
Whispered in my ear, moaned in the heat of lust
Until I could stand it no more

Like the Raven quoth "Nevermore"
As if it were all you could say

The times I'd silenced you
Wanting physicality over affinity
That question in your eyes, always went unanswered

With the passage of time
Those words which so often graced your lips
Began to slip away
Those teasing whispers, those passionate moans
All but diminished
The phrase I had loathed to hear became scarce

The quiet I'd sought, pure torment
Phantom whispers taunt me
Longing to once again hear your sweet nothings, devastating
If I had once uttered it back to you
Would you still be here?