You discover the lady who took your job at the office is the mother of three children who go to your college. One of which is in a few of your classes, another of which (or two? THEY'RE TWINS AND IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL APART) you know sheerly by him being EVERYWHERE on campus you are.

Cue the awkward. oh my freaking gosh I'm gonna die........

this adds a whole new dimension to things.

yay conversation topic???

ahahaha, maybe not. How would that conversation start?

"So i think you're cute, and was trying to tell you and your brother apart on facebook the other night when I stumbled across the fact that this lady's your mom. How's she liking her new job?"

oh. my. gosh. xDDD

I wonder if they know. Bet they do. Betting money they do, actually. this would explain the funny looks he's been giving me in chapel....


Holy hell.

so, just that little newsflash for whoever's interested.


also, tonight i'm thankful for going to a christian college. Went looking for a hymnal, and ended up finding 16. xD

spent an hour and a half just going through the book. good for my soul :] I love hymnal harmonies; they're so complete, so... nostalgic? fulfilling? In any case, I haven't done that since Christmas break, so it was good to go back to my roots.

Hymnals are where I learned to sight-read and improvise. Both of which I did quite heavily tonight, both of which turned out quite well and gave me more confidence in my abilities than i've had in a very, VERY long time. ^^

and on my way out the door of the music building, an aforementioned twin walked past me, which brought up all this in the first place. Figured out it was the other one I ran into tonight, versus the one I'll end up talking to about the job thing.

Yes, they're more alike than the Gleaves. Waaaay more alike. But funnily enough, the married one is a few pounds heavier, and has a rounder face than the other. So I can still tell them apart... in pictures. In person is an entirely different story...

oh my freaking gosh. wow.

even better: this doesn't count as my second entry of the day, though technically it is.