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                          Military Soldier One - Andre Vince McKay
                          Position: Uke
                          Taken by Andy The Cursed

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Wait And Hope. Take action when needed.

Role : Military Soldier One
Name : Andre Vince McKay
Age : 23
Birthday : September 6th
Sexuality : Questioning
Position : Uke
Height : 5'5"
Eye Color : Green
Hair Color : Black
Piercings : None
Tattoos : Side tattoo quote "Take Action When Needed."
Scars or Markings : none
Likes : Books. Drinking. Classical Music.Competing. Hot Tea.
Dislikes : Noise. Rowdy People. Vulgar jokes. Disorganization. .....Carrots.
Theme Song :
Extra : He takes orders without question, and very rarely deviates from them. His weakness comes with his low tolerance of liquor, and his need to compete. Often leading to a drunk version of himself, who is the exact opposite of who he is sober. His composure completely leaves the premises.

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                          Military Soldier Three - Robert
                          Position: Seme
                          Taken by Andy The Cursed

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Take it before someone else does.

Role : Military Soldier Three
Name : Robert James O'reily
Age : 26
Birthday : August 3rd.
Sexuality : Bi
Position : Seme
Height : 5'11"
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Brown
Piercings : none
Tattoos : none
Scars or Markings : Back Right shoulder, gunshot scar
Likes : Partying, Pool, Sports, Dancing, Fighting, Guns
Dislikes : Indecisive people, being told what to do, tests, learning
Theme Song :
Extra : Robert is high fire ginda guy. He's sharp and decisive. Knows what he wants and gets it. He won't stand for anything less then best.