focus is at 0%.


Still on a folk music kick. like the third day in a row....

got an email today from an english prof, asking ~7 of us if we'd be interested in being a TA for a freshman writing class next semester. We'd be doing one-on-one tutoring with three kids, and assigning them writing and stuff to help fix whatever their weaknesses are to move on with life and be happy and literate biggrin

I'm honored. I guess the english department has taken notice of me...

But really, that's a joke. I can't teach. xDD And I can't correct peoples' papers and give constructive comments to help them do better. I correct papers by highlighting stuff that "feels funny".

and when they ask what they should do to fix it, my default response is, "I don't know. It just feels funny."

Yeah. No teaching.

Not like I can do it, anyways. NASHVILLE NEXT SEMESTER, BABYYYY.

...... I could seriously get caught up in homework tonight if I tried. O.O

bible study later.

tomorrow studio class (Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray... on Tuesday my vocalist did actions for it; insanely fun to watch. xD), and a psych meeting.

doing a group research project on how self-esteem affects something or other.

*wants to have a Perks of a Wallflower movie night*

and Friday a comm club trip. only like 10 of us going. and on our own money.

I could be bound for Denver now if I wanted with DCBC.

But I have a shitton to do. (or should do, anyways...... hehehe) and I was in Denver like 2 weeks ago with band so I'm bored of mountains lawl.

and I'm not interested in the companies they're visiting this time around.

*le sigh*

oh well. life is interesting.