I decided to count the pages of my story. I've just finished 34, and I'm onto 35. Huzzah for me. Did you know 'huzzah' is a real word? I didn't. That's another reason for celebration. Huzzah for huzzah!
This Saturday will be my first solo trip to Pennstate. They're having a two hour meeting thing, in which many accepted students, including myself, will sit there and listen to the staff of Pennstate. Sounds fun, huh? Nope. We attended something similar to this last year, and every staff member had a library of awkward jokes and very cheesy advice. It was a grueling few hours, sitting there listening to them go on and on for what felt like eternity. Once they finished, we finally got to walk around and ask about certain things, and I find out the computer teacher has absolutely no idea about the computer field I wish to go into. Yeah, that one teacher who teaches my major happened to not attend the thing. Smart guy.
Perhaps this will go differently, maybe they'll allow us to meet different teachers who may be able to actually tell me more about the major I want and that they claim to offer, yet have little information on it.
Anyway, I'll be driving there alone. It should be fun, this will not only be my first solo trip to college, but my first solo trip on a highway. Yeah, not going to lie, I'm probably going to get killed horribly in some explosion. If that happens, so be it. If I do so happen to live, however, then I'm going for my first solo mall trip after the college orientation. That should be fun, at least. There's also a Panera Bread up there. I love that place so much. Maybe I'll go there.
Oh, that reminds me of a mini rant.
So we were at this strip mall, and we saw this weird restaurant. The menu was filled with so many fantastic foods, from seemingly every culture. We go in, and I see them. They are what my dad calls the 'yuppies.' Every single girl had blue, pink, or green dyed hair, with several piercings and tattoos. (Piercings/tattoos are just...ew. Maybe it's because I'm an Uke, who knows, but I find that stuff to be disturbing. Although I'm a hypocrite, because I was thinking of something. Eh. Whatever, let them do what they want with their bodies.) Every single guy there wore a beanie hat, sunglasses, and a goatee. In other words, douches. (Only the guys, I find dyed hair to be different and kind of adorable.) I don't know why they all annoyed me so much, maybe eighteen is when people get old and start hating hipsters. It looked like a nice place though, and I'll most likely eat there someday. I think it'll be cool to be the only guy that's dressed casually, not sporting some weird hat and sunglasses. I'll probably bring a friend with me, because everyone there seemed to belong to their own little groups. Nothing is more depressing than some person eating alone in public, unless it's out on a bench or something, where you know the person is obviously trying to get away from people. So I'll bring a friend or two, and we'll chow down on some delicious soup.
What else is there to type about. I've been wearing my hair back more now. It's pretty nice not having bangs hanging in my face and poking my eyes. Although I'll probably put my bangs down for my picture, whenever I so choose to take and upload one because a certain someone said bangs look better. I kind of prefer no bangs with some sexy stubble. That's my look now. I think it's mature and it doesn't make people doubt my age, which is pretty nice. I want to add something else, but if I do, then I'll need to make the whole entry private. I'll just make another entry later for it.
Well, that was a quick update on my life. What did we learn? Going to a college orientation thing, I hate hipsters, and I'm done with bangs.
Well, not really hate hipsters. I like their 'save the earth' talk. I wonder if I'll be one of those people someday, traveling from place to place to protest anything and everything that could be harmful to nature. I don't want to be one of those people, I admire them, but I don't want to be them. I'm already one of those people that freak out if you don't recycle. And woe be to he who litters, for I will turn into hippy hulk and beat him down.
Oh, and I'm getting a job this summer. Oh the fun I'll have. I got a friend that works at McDonalds, maybe I can ask her to help me get a job there. That's last resort though, because I'd really like working at Gamestop, Walmart, or that adorable little pet place. Get paid to be around kittens and puppies? Sign me up.