|| Profile Number 1: Germaine Saitama ||
Name: Saitama Germaine

Age: 16

Species: Human

Physical Features: Although for the most part flat chested her lower portion makes up for it. She is skinny and hides a ton of power inside her tiny body. Smooth skin, usually wearing revealing pants but long t-shirts.

Personality: Raised in a quiet portion of Japan Germaine is a bit shy although when interested will show stalker type behaviors. The small town gave her a chance to develop the professional analyzing of most people she comes across. Her stealth is of no match, her size allowing entry into small places as well as light foot steps. Her strength is something of abnormal. She can smash trees and mostly any objects thrown at her except for most known metals and objects like such. Along with the advantage of stealth and strength her intelligence is above average although not extremely high, she can still see right through most people and read them like a book. At a young age she had mastered psychology and was able to study people like animals giving her an off setting tone but a likable attitude.

Past: Germaine was born in a small town off the shore of Japan and was raised by her mother and father until she was around the age of 12. At 12 her parents died in a plane crash but mysteriously out of the wreckage no bodies were found on the plane. After her parents death she worked for some of her parents friends who allowed her to do minor work for good pay. During work she would often carry large boxes or in general heavy stuff that most people couldnt carry. Her talent was extremely strange due to most girls in that area being weak and to the most part just eye candy. As she grew older she began to analyse people more and more seeing their actions and studying them. It was fun to her to see certain reactions and emotions from people although to her friends she was kind but off setting which made her mostly distant from the people she loved.

Present: Presently her age is 16 and most of her is the same except for her work. She now works for a company who's name is not to be told. She spies on people that interest the company and returns with the subject's list of weaknesses, fear, aliases, phobias, housing, and etc. This makes good enough pay to have her own fun and participate in her own hobby. Studying and in general stalking people to get to know them better. Although it often runs into the deep end she sometimes meet people who dont find her weird at all and instead just curious. These people quickly become her friend as she visited them often. Most who cross her the wrong way end up in horrible emotional distress from her actions. At the end of the day shes a normal girl who hangs out with her friends and has fun. Shes been known to drive and sail places but still wont fly because of her parent's strange incident.

"Well i dont really call it stalking . . Its more like . . Research! For science and fun! Heh heh!"