I don't know any way to get my point across rather than just blurting out what I want. It's just not a very cool thing, at least I don't think so. Oh well I guess, nothing I can do about it. Maybe one day someone will come across and be able to read my mind, or at least read me really well. Until then I guess I'm cursed with not having my points being shared outside of my head. Whatever though it's not like I have anything important or productive to say. Most of the things that go through this head isn't well "right". Oh today I found out I never had a dog that was hit by a garbage truck, it was just a "memory" that I made up. My therapist told my mom not to tarnish this "memory", because he thought it was one of the ways my conscience was trying to get through to me. Today I made had said I hate garbage trucks as always and then boom, my mom just said, "That memory isn't real.", and she explained the whole charade to me. I really am out of things to care about now I guess. Well I always have my fantasies, but who knows if I'll ever get to live those out. My first day back in school was how I expected it boring. I had my first kiss today in awhile too, it was my neighbor. She did it out of no where while I was reading a book. I didn't fight back or anything, I did miss human contact a bit. After it was over she apologized and I just told her, "I'll come by some other time, don't worry about it 'kay?", Nevertheless she still is embarrassed by her utter lack of self-control. I honestly didn't care or mind. It was nice I guess, I should have stayed actually I wanted to finish the damn book. I changed my Magic deck around a bit too, and I improved my side deck. I played one game with Jessie, I won. Well I just took my medicine and now I'm starting to feel paranoid, so I'll stop for now. Drinking time.