I've realized on World of Tanks the Tiger P is the only tank above tier 5 I haven't gotten on discount. My M4 Jumbo, JagdPzIV, Jagdpanther, and VK 3001 P were all purchased during events when they were half price. For the Jagds and the VK that was accidental though the M4 Jumbo I spent a solid weekend grinding to get the exp for it.

The M4 Jumbo has a pretty solid front plate at a good angle so it can bounce a lot of shots. The stock turret offers 152mm of protection all around which is really good defense. The upgrade turret only offers 50-75mm of armor, but allows for better view range and is required for the top cannon. The top cannon is slightly more accurate and reloads about one second faster, but is still unsuitable for a sniper tank so I will likely use it for urban battles.

The JagdPzIV is my favorite TD. I make good money using it. Combined with a camo net and binoculars I have a good view range with low visibility. Tank Company leaders don't really like it because it's not a Hellcat but it gets the job done regardless. It's a decent fighter and passive scout.

The Jagdpanther I recently picked up on sale. I was originally going to stop on the previous TD but I decided to just go for it. It's been a real project to grind. The good news is I don't have to research the suspension if I don't want to. The stock suspension will handle everything. I will upgrade it, but it wasn't top priority. The stock gun was pretty weak so I had to use gold ammo to pen anything until I could get the first gun upgrade. After that I got the first engine upgrade. Next I will get the second engine, the suspension, then finally the last cannon. This is WoT's tank of the month so it gets a 30% income bonus which helps

VK 3001 P is pretty elite so I don't really need to work on it. It's a good money maker though so I still use it.

Tiger P is my top tank as far as I'm concerned. I don't use it much though because it's expensive to repair I have all the modules researched the only stuff to research now is other vehicles. I purchased it when a friend got me a premium pack for Christmas. Spent a bunch of gold getting a crew at 100% and put a shell rammer on it.