Well my internet was turned off for about a 7 months... so I was never online. TT^TT I was so deprived. But any who, nothings changed much. I'v lost and gained many friends. I found out that I absolutely hate HATE self centered people thanks to a certain girl. Trust me it takes a lot and I mean A LOT to get me to hate a person, end of story. Sooooo 2013... were alive haha yeah that's getting old. So far 2013 has treated me kindly.In January I went to California with my uncle and his family (he needed someone to watch his kids when we were there sweatdrop ) but it was still a great experience since i'v never really been as far as the state I lived in. You learn to realize that we live in huge world with tons a tons of interesting people. I guess California was just a huge culture shock to me, since i'v lived in a small farming town all my life and never went anywhere. But on that note i'v also learned that I wana travel more often.