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"Quote by your character."

I command thee…

    NICKNAMES: [These are not titles like the servants have, just nicknames]
    CURRENT AGE: [Your Actual Age ( Or appearance age, depending on character) ]
    DATE OF BIRTH: [ If Known ]
    ALIGNMENT : [Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, or (Chaotic Evil [ Berserker Only]) ]
    OCCUPATION: [Student, Mafia Boss, Teen Idol, Gameshow Host, Waiter, etc.]

thou shall come forth to my side, thy sword shalt control my fate…

    APPEARANCE: [Link form please or written descriptions of civilian outfit(s) or other major outfits]

    HEIGHT: [ CM / Feet ]
    WEIGHT: [ KG / LBS ]

…abiding by the Holy Grail’s haven, if thou accedes to this will and reason then answer me


    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description


The oath set forth here, I am the embodiment of good in the eternal world

FAMILY LINAGE: [ Description of your family line and their connections to the mage’s association (if any). Some useful for magi that we recommend: The age of the family in years and generations. Older families tend to have better and more advance spells. Note that families younger than 6 generations (more than 400 years) tend to be discriminated against at the Clock Tower, so feel free to squeeze all the drama you want out of it.]
FAMILY SORCERY TRAIT: [ The name and a brief description of the trait and what it grants the member of the family, this should only have one ability.]
FAMILY THAUMATURGICAL SKILL: [Your family's thaumaturgical speciality and a description of it e.g. "The Einzberns are masters of Alchemy, which makes them one of the greatest homunculus coiners in the world, with even failures being more dangerous than a hundred average magi combined. Furthermore, their ability to transmute materials is so great that Irisviel from the Fourth War was capable of creating instant homunculi with nothing more than thin wires as a base material." This will form the core of what magecraft you will have at your disposal. This whole section should be as detailed as possible.]
MY HISTORY : [ Overview on your past, please include important things like if you’ve been summoned before ]
MY GOALS: [ Your reason for accepting your master’s summons for the grail ]

I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world, cloaked the seven heavens that hear the great trinity

EQUIPMENT: [A weapon without any special abilities, or items that are usually useless in normal hands, it can relate to your Magecraft or your Sorcery Trait, if you are using it for a weapon that uses your magic by a spell or some type of Magecraft please be detailed. Other weapons or items don’t need to be as detailed, but if you’re going to use different types of scopes to a gun be sure to have that here. Your Equipment is limited to three items, any more will require special permission]

Element: [Your character’s elemental alignment; determines what your abilities will be; having two elements is relatively common, but having more than that is not and will require special permission.]

Expertise: [Three things that your character is notably good at. Unless self-explanatory, please explain each.]

Thaumaturgical Crest: [Select only one; This crest will indicate your character’s quantity and quality of magic circuits, as well as their maximum Prana capacity, this will also have one hidden skill inside of it as well as a location on the body where it is located. The number of Prana listed is the number of times you’re able to activate the hidden skill in the crest as well as the number of times you’re able to use any of your spells. Note some spells cost a lot more Prana so keep that in mind. Your Prana does not increase over time it’s that level for life. But as time goes by your body recovers and will restore the missing prana.]

Magecraft: [Select only one]

Spells: [You may have up to five. These must be consistent with everything mentioned in the family section and / or history. Note that your Thaumaturgical Crest may have an effect on your spells.]

[Name of Spell] ([Spell's Element])
Rank: (Leave Blank for Mods)
Cost: (Leave Blank for Mods) [ In Prana ]
Range: [In meters, direction is optional]
Effect: [What it does, how does it look, and how much damage it deals if it is offensive, feel free to include its origins, this should be very detailed, any information not mentioned here will not be allowed in the guild.]

STRENGTH: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
ENDURANCE: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
AGILITY: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
PRANA: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
LUCK: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)

Come forth from the circle of constraint, o’ guardian of the balance