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"Quote by your character."

I command thee…

    OTHER ALIAS: [Title given by others; What history knows you as]
    CURRENT AGE: [ Appearance Age ]
    YEAR OF BIRTH: [ If Known ]
    ALIGNMENT : [Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, or (Chaotic Evil [ Berserker Only]) ]
    OCCUPATION: [ Put N/A if not Applicable ]

thou shall come forth to my side, thy sword shalt control my fate…

    APPEARANCE: [ Link Form Please; If you can’t (or don’t bother to) hide in Spiritual Form, give a paragraph / link describing your civilian outfit(s) some servants will be forced without a Spiritual Form due to their Master’s abilities or skills]

    HEIGHT: [ CM / Feet ]
    WEIGHT: [ KG / LBS ]

…abiding by the Holy Grail’s haven, if thou accedes to this will and reason then answer me


    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description

    • Trait
      • Description


The oath set forth here, I am the embodiment of good in the eternal world

MY LEGEND: [ What made you famous ]
MY HISTORY : [ Overview on your past, please include important things like if you’ve been summoned before ]
MY GOALS: [ Your reason for accepting your master’s summons for the grail ]

I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world, cloaked the seven heavens that hear the great trinity

    WEAPON: [ Not a Noble Phantasm, it has no special skills or abilities, if may have a short history if it relates to the character’s history and is the original weapon ]

    NOBLE PHANTASM: [You may have up to 3. Single Noble Phantasms with multiple 'modes' (like Gae Bolg) add to the counting.

    Name of Noble Phantasm and any fancy title it might have
    Rank: (Leave Blank for Mod)
    Type: [ Support / Anti-Personnel / Anti-Army / Anti-Fortress ]
    Cost: (Leave Blank for Mod) [ In Terms of Mana ]
    Range: [ None / 1 - 99 ] (In Meters)
    Max Targets: [Self / 1 - 1000] (Number of People)
    Description: [Complete detail of the Noble Phantasm]

CLASS ABILITIES: [ Select 2 (Starting rank will be given during approval) ]
SKILLS: [ Select 3 (Starting rank will be given during approval) ]

STRENGTH: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
ENDURANCE: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
AGILITY: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
MANA: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)
LUCK: (Leave Blank for Mod Approval / Calculation)

Come forth from the circle of constraint, o’ guardian of the balance