I got an urgent call from my Mom like... ten minutes ago. My grandpa fell from a ladder and she was doing taxes but couldn't find the info about my school. Well guess what, she'll never find it. They'll get the form back saying they never paid and we owe money or that I really never went. I'll be caught. But, I'll never allow myself to be caught while I'm still alive.

I don't have much longer anyway. It was a matter of time and I knew that. I knew it was a short term plan and this was exactly what it was supposed to do: corner me. I'll bite at my own arm to get out of a corner. I hate that crap. I always have. This is why I learned how to be deceitful. This is why I need my lies.

Anyway, now all that tired achenes I had has turned into a fearful rapid beating in my head. In my ears it thumps so loudly that I cannot relax. I cannot sleep for a long time.