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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 3.3 - Peace for the Group
Ukitake: Who should we tell first, Happy pants?

Ven: *He glared.* I'll take the training just so I can punch you.. I think we should at least get Melody's mother or something to get her clothed..

Ukitake: Oh that's right. Before we have another problem in our hands. *He laughed, walking ahead*

Malayeka: *She looked over, smiling as she was behind them* I heard you mentioning me.. What's the problem? *She looked at them gently.*

Ukitake: We have an unclothed young lady who we'd like to be clothed as soon as possible. One of us does, at least.

Ven: *He glared at her* And you were bitching about women respect earlier with Shunsui and Zelda..

Malayeka: *She smiled.* Follow me.. I'll get her in something for now. *She said as she led them to a room. Her eyes looked down*...Have.. any of you heard from Melody?

Ukitake: *He looked up at her, sorrowfully* No we haven't... I know she's been through much, but we believe once she meets with her friend here it will ease most of the pain.

Malayeka: *She looked down, moving her blond hair behind her ear.* I went to her room.. there are no lights in there.. I'm getting worried.

Ukitake: *His eyes narrowed* I see...

Malayeka: *She went to a room, going into it* Just leave her on the bed for now.. I'll take care of her. *She smiled*

Ven: *He blushed, going over and resting her on it.* Okay.. You. *He turned to Ukitake* You're.. going with me BEFORE we talk to the others.. for obvious reasons.

Ukitake: *He smiled at him* Of course.

Ven: *He walked out with him* Thanks, Malayeka

Ukitake: Are we going to explain it to them while she's still unconscious?

Ven: We.. might as well.. to save shock. *He rubbed his head.*

Ukitake: *He laughed* Yes, we should get them all together... but Melody will be difficult.

Ven: *He looked over*... What do we do...?

Ukitake: *He smiled* We'll gather the others for now.

Ven: *He nodded.* Where do we meet? We'll split up

Ukitake: We'll meet at the dining hall, for I'd imagine dinner to be ready soon.

Ven: *He nodded as he walked one way* I think you should try Melody if no one else tries. You have a bond with her. *He left the room.*

Ukitake: *He smiled* Ven...You must be so happy.


Ukitake: *He walked over to Melody's room, noticing the lack of lights from under the door. He knocked. His eyes narrowed, slowly opening the door*

Melody: *The room was dark, the curtains to the windows and balcony in her room all closed to block out the light. The candles along her room were all blown out, giving the room a lonely feeling. There was a lump on her bed, the special blanket she made for her and Link on top as it was being clenched. Faint but harsh sobs could be heard, though muffled in the pillows she was laying on. Her butterfly was looking at Ukitake, seeming to be thankful that he was there.*

Ukitake: ( Melody and Ukitake ) *He walked over to the bed, rubbing the lump in the bed as made herself, patting her back* Hey. It's not good to be in the dark. *He sat on the bed*

Melody: *She didn't move, hiding her face more into her pillow as she heard him. Her butterfly flew over to him, sitting on his shoulder.*

Ukitake: *He looked across her room, staring at all her drawings* I think you'll want to listen to this, Melody. I don't come bearing more bad news for you.

Melody: *She peeked out faintly, staring at the wall*....what? *She said quietly, her voice flooded with pain and tears*

Ukitake: *He stared at her reassuringly* Link's situation will heal up. Even your dad said it would be a quick fix, and Shunsui and I are experts with the soul. We'll come up with something with your dad. The war, it's going to be okay... It's our job, right? In this story, to protect those suffering in front of us? We'll also try to talk with your dad about it, and we'll go to Exaedius to see if we can do other things. *He placed a hand on her cheek* Okay...? Please no more of this. *He reached over and lit a candle, cleaning her face with his hand as he brought her close*

Melody: *She listened to him, though she wasn't so sure about his words. She felt him move her, closing her eyes as she looked away, hiding her face from him.*...Ukitake.... I feel so alone... *She sobbed, paining her as she said this.*

Ukitake: You’re making yourself think that... locking yourself away in the dark... When you have friends all around you. Why would you be alone, Melody? *He laughed* Is it because you think your father won't listen to you? And that Link is mixed all up...? *He placed a hand on her chin, moving it to face him* I'm here with you. Shunsui will always be, Ven... Harrier and Tiercel, and even Peach. Even though she's always walking away somewhere to look at little flowers. *He hugged her tightly.* You’re not alone at all... and Ven and I have a surprise for you later.

Melody: *She looked up at him faintly as he spoke, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared up at him. She shyly hugged him back, holding onto him as she hid her head against his shoulder.*...Besides.. Alonsa... The situation with Link is killing me... *She said quietly* We were talking about marriage before this happened.. and what we were going to do when this was all over.. I can't.. handle four of his personalities fighting for me... And thinking that I might lose my father again after getting him back.. Ukitake.. this is what happened last time... how do I know that the girl who attacked isn't planning to do the same as what Nightshade did..?

Ukitake: *He looked down at her* We're going to fix Link. That I promise. Have faith in everything you just said. You've shed your tears already, and now it's time for a Princess to do her part and be brave. You have friends going through all of these problems just the same, and we're all trying to be brave for each other.

Melody: *She looked up at him again, staring as she listened to him. She fell silent for a while before getting enough courage to speak.*.. I'll... try... *She spoke quietly, looking down again. She could feel her exhaustion now entering her.*....Was.. there a reason why you came here...?

Ukitake: Yes, I want you to come to the dining hall. But before that, let me just mention one more thing. *He stood up, his hair flowing over his back* I thought I had no hope left. I was just as sad as you were now, and I felt very alone. When I was sick, I was scared to form anymore bonds because of the fate I knew I would one day meet. But you’re the one that taught me faith. You let it grow inside of me. *He faintly glanced back* Your faith blossomed into me.

Melody: *She stared at him, slightly stunned by his words. She remained quiet, her eyes staring with sorrow. She looked down*... Ukitake... I'll... go.. but.. afterwards... I'm.. going to try and sleep.. I haven't slept for a while.. can you come back and stay with me...? *She asked shyly, hoping he wouldn't get the wrong message from her.*

Ukitake: *He smiled* It would be an honour to do so.

Melody: *She nodded to him as she shyly got up, looking down as she went over to him.*

Ukitake: *He smiled, holding her hand as he led her out* Did you see Ven as a child?

Melody: No... I.. didn't... *She said quietly as she held his, following him.*

Ukitake: ...Oh. *He laughed*


( Friendship Amongst the Group ) *At the dinner table, everyone including Melody's parents were there, Alonsa standing behind Malayeka*

Red: *He stared at Malayeka, wondering who it was standing behind her. He glanced over to his food, slightly drooling*

Melody: *She sat there, looking down as she didn't look at anyone. Her butterfly was flying around everyone excitedly.*

Purple: *He looked at Ven, sort of surprised that he seemed a bit more normal than what he was before.*

Blue: If I am getting this right, we are going to discuss a lot here.

Malayeka: *She looked back to Alonsa, smiling faintly.*

Alonsa: *She blushed up at her, smiling warmly. Her hair followed behind her small nods, she was wearing new white clothing with tiny frills around the edges of her top. She was wearing a headband with tiny black bows on it*

Green: *He looked, curiously. He narrowed his eyes*

Ukitake: We have a surprise for everyone. *He turned to Ven smiling*

Ven: *He rubbed his head as he looked down.* Something happened today.. *He looked to Alonsa, giving a warm smile.* Alonsa is alive and here with us again.

Shunsui: *He gave them all his signature stare*

Ra: Auntie Alonsa?! *His eyes widened as they sparkled, giggling*

Alonsa: *She stepped away from behind Malayeka, smiling at everyone*

Green: *His eyes widened* ...!!

Peach: Oh... my!

Zelda: *She smiled warmly* Alonsa..

Purple: *He blinked, staring.* A new body...?

Harrier: Now I'm confused. There's too much disappearing and reappearing going on. *He held his head.*

Ukitake: Samantha, the woman who switched bodies with Alonsa before she was shot with the arrow, brought her back to reclaim that body. Once Alonsa arrived here, Amaterasu told her that her soul was starting to reject Samantha's body. She created a new body for her, that would compliment both soul and body.

Alonsa: *She blushed as she giggled sweetly* Well, that sums it up I guess. *She sat down* Time to eat, right?!

Peach: You seem so much more feminine... *She giggled, looking over*

Alonsa: That's not true! *She put a napkin on her lap*

Peach: *Sweatdrops*

Zelda: *She giggled.* It's just.. a blessing to see you back with us. I was afraid our group was falling apart without you.

Alonsa: *She blushed, staring down* Thanks Zelda...I missed you guys too.

Ra: *He kissed Alonsa, hugging her around her neck*

Red: It's nice to have you back. *He smiled, glancing away*

Blue: *He nodded.* If all goes well, your presence will help lighten the mood up here. *He blushed shyly.*

Purple: *He rolled his eyes* Can we eat now?

Melody: *She stared down, avoiding looking at Alonsa. She felt too much guilt.*

Green: *He smiled, starting to eat* I feel... better. Welcome back to the group, Alonsa.


Shunsui: That's more like the Alonsa we know. *He laughed, picking up his sake*

Peach: *She giggled, holding her cup to Shunsui* To Alonsa...

Ukitake: *He held his* To Alonsa. *He drank*

Alonsa: This is the most embarrassing thing ever.

Ven: *He sighed* Should we go onto the more important things? *He looked to Ukitake, more serious*

Ukitake: *He nodded* It seems like Samantha is after Ammy.

Green: *His eyes widened* We can't let her...

Alonsa: I think we should be talking about the war. I'm sure Terresia can handle it, and the villains of the story are on our side when it comes to that stuff.

Jaylon: *He nodded, looking at them* I've been thinking about what you said.. *He said sternly*

Ukitake: *He turned to him, his eyes shook* Y-you have...?

Jaylon: *He nodded, sitting back as he closed his eyes, his long hair falling across his face slightly.* I feel it is a decision that you can agree with.

Jaylon: *He looked up at them.* We won't be fighting.

Green: *His eyes lit up* That's great!

Ukitake: *He smiled, turning to Melody*

Melody: *She sighed quietly, feeling slight relief coming to her as she looked away.*

Jaylon: Thinking about this and the past events... The king never went straight to war without speaking upon it. I fear something happened to him, and Iwill not risk it. *He looked up.* However, this means I have a job for all of you that will be much more difficult now that our alliance with Grandilia is being slightly tempered with.

Red: What kind of job did you have in mind?

Jaylon: *He looked to them, his face becoming more serious* You all need to go to Exeadius and warn them of this. If there is any sort of surprise attack with this, chaos is sure to break out. We need to stop this, somehow.

Ukitake: That was our intention from the start. It won't be a problem.

Jaylon: *He nodded as he crossed his arms.* Then it's settled. It's up to you when you want to go, but I would recommend at least staying here for a couple of days to rest up. You all seemed pretty beat up and tired when you got here.

Shunsui: Tomorrow morning is rest enough. The Grandilian King won't wait for much, either. I'd imagine it's very far, so we can't afford waiting.

Alonsa: And to be fair, I feel good as new. I don't want to risk being too late there if a surprise attack is planned.

Jaylon: *He nodded to them.* Then I wish you all the best of luck. Exeadius is a magic based kingdom.. so it will have a different feeling than Grandilia for sure. It has a very enchanted feeling to it.

Harrier: *He sighed, looking away.*

Tiercel: Oh Harrier.. *He smiled.* You've been around magic for a long time. Get used to it.

Alonsa: Well.. I'm from Terresia, so I'd be used to it.

Green: *He turned to them* But magic does exist, and Grandilia refuses to believe it.

Red: Well, it is from a different creator. Ammy must be more magic based.

Blue: Yes.. but by the sounds of it, it seems like Exeadius is also created by Katie, being connected to Grandilia somehow. So that wouldn't make sense. *He put a finger on his chin, thinking.*

Purple: Who cares? It's just another place. *He shrugged as he ate his food.* Either way.. we have a job to do.

Ukitake: Exeadius was created just recently after Ammy adopted Katie. That may have something to do with it.

Shunsui: Also creators have power over mind and life itself, being able to create existant things that weren't before, and have the memories of people molded into thinking as if it was always that way.

Blue: *He sighed, looking down.* Why didn't we ask Katie for more information while we had a chance? She's in Terresia now, and she's at risk like everyone else there.

Alonsa: Oh please, have you seen Terresia? All animes in this world go there.

Red: I do kinda doubt Samantha can defeat all those characters.

Purple: We can't hold our guard down. We need to treat her like we would with any threat, especially if she's targeting Ammy.

Ven: Do you think once we're done with Exeadius we should head to Terresia again?

Ukitake: Yes, we should. If you ask me, it seems like there will be many traveling to Terresia soon. Byakuya should also be there.

Green: Byakuya... he was the strongest person I think we've ever fought...

Zelda: *She looked down faintly, her ears lowering as she listened to them. She still felt guilty, and even to this moment she felt as if the others had feared her now.*

Ven: Well when we go to Terresia, we'll be able to get Preston and Laura a good explanation, not to mention Katie can explain to us what the hell is going on. I feel like this might be us versus Grandilia...

Ra: Can creations go bad? *He blinked, staring at them*

Alonsa: Well.. I've heard of characters going bad. Not created places.

Jaylon: The ruler can change... *He said lowly.* But the king would never on his own..

Green: Shouldn't we try to talk to the King before even trying to go to Exeadius? Maybe it would save us trouble.

Ukitake: The King will refuse our explanation and disregard it as a lie, having no magic to be living in Grandilia as an answer. Samantha planned this well if that was her intention.

Jaylon: I feel it is best to warn everyone we can before we try talking to the king. For all we know, the Grandilian army is already on its way to Exeadius. But a trip like that would be a long time.. Maybe a week from the castle. We are much closer.. so the time on that is reduced by half. We have the edge on them right now.

Alonsa: *She turned to Ven* Then we'll stay the night and head our way tomorrow. Ven, could you come outside for a moment? *She picked up Ra*

Ven: *His eyes narrowed, looking over as he nodded to her. He slowly stood up, following her out as they walked outside*


Alonsa: *She blushed, turning to him* Well I think Ra here should have a small lesson with his teacher. I came to watch... I might think of using a sword, so I'll watch you closely.

Ven: *He looked at her, smiling faintly* Really? You want to learn swords? That's easy.. but I wasn't going to use mine on Ra. I was going to use what I trained with. *He rubbed his head.* I was just going to use a bo staff... it's essentially the same thing only I won't hurt him. *He said as he patted his head.* Not to mention he wields a staff, so it would be better.

Alonsa: Ohhh... Well, leave a smart guy like you to figure out a proper training style for a student. *She giggled blushing, Ven noticed the difference in her from before*

Ra: *He dropped down, running ahead excited* Man stuff!

Ven: *He looked to Alonsa, smiling warmly. He couldn't help but stare at her.* You know.. I thought I lost you.. now I feel like I just obtained the best thing in my life.. well, all over again. *He said as he leaned in, kissing her.*

Alonsa: *She pulled away, looking away as she blushed* Ven... not in front of Ra.

Ra: *Staring at them pouting in the distance*

Ven: *He smirked* He'll be fine. He IS stuck with a group with three couples after all.. *He looked to Ra.* Think you got what it takes, kid?

Ra: *He held his staff forward, already holding a stance*

Alonsa: Huh? He has a stance already. *She tilted her head* Well, maybe the Gerudo taught him a bit themselves.

Ven: ..Well he did watch us fight Samantha, you know. *He looked around* I need a stick or a spear.. do you see one?

Alonsa: *She looked around* No. The Korillian use their own flutterbugs for weapons. *She walked up to a tree, jumping onto a branch and just hanging there*

Ra: *He stared at her, sweatdropping. He ran off, entering someone's house and coming back with a stick without having them notice*

Alonsa: *She squinted her eyes* Little theif...

Ven: *He looked at him oddly*... Thanks... *He took it from him* This should work.. *He smirked.* It's taller than him.

Alonsa: *She swung herself over the branch, sitting to watch*

Ra: *He gave the stick to him smiling*

Ven: *He gripped the stick in his hand, twirling it in his hands to get the feel of it again before he stood in position.* Ready?

Ra: *He ran a distance away, turning and nodding* Ready!

Ven: *He looked at him, smirking.* The key to fighting to always have your enemy step back to you.. not the other way around. Keep your guard up and focus. If I step back, my defense will be broken and focused on getting away. Got it?

Ra: *He blinked, placing a finger in his mouth* That means they're scared. I know that already!

Ven: *He walked forward.* Don't think I'll go easy on you just because you're a kid. I was trained with brutal force.. so I'm going to do the same as you. *He said as he charged.*

Ra: *His eyes narrowed as his hair blew in the sudden movement of his stance*

Alonsa: *Staring at Ra curiously* For some reason he sure looks like he knows what he's doing... But he's still seven years old...

Ven: *He twirled the bo staff in his hand before he slashed vertically at him with it, sending a brute force at him*

Ra: *He jumped back, dodging it as he stabbed his staff into the ground, swinging his body around it as he let go to slam his feet into his stomach, still holding his staff*

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened*

Ven: *His eyes widened as he was kicked back, stumbling back before he recovered.* Damn.. you know basic combat already. *He stood there, standing in position.*

Ra: *He landed in the distance, holding Ven's sword in his hand giggling*

Alonsa: When did he grab his sword?!

Ven: *His eyes glared.* H-Hey!! You do NOT touch that! *He yelled, getting insanely defensive as he ran over* Give that back!!

Ra: *His eyes widened, placing the sword on the ground before running off and hiding*

Alonsa: *Facepalm*

Ven: *He went over and grabbed it, putting it back on his back as he sighed hard. He looked to Ra.* Look. You do not steal another weapon from your enemy unless you're weaponless. It's very dishonorable. You fight with honor and pride. Even if they are the enemy, we're all from creators, so we're somewhat connected. Honor their lives. *He walked forward before running at him.*

Ra: *He swung his staff, slamming it in his crotch* Gerudo fight like this...

Alonsa: Owww...

Ven: *His eyes widened, falling to the ground as he held there.*....Okay... *He said in a squeaky voice* I... think we're done... *He sobbed.*....Alonsa.... help...

Alonsa: *She jumped down, beginning to run to them whistling at Ra to stop*

Ra: *He took his stick, running off and hitting it against a tree screaming and giggling* I win!!

Alonsa: Oh geez, Ra. Your definitely a Gerudo..

Ven: *He laid there, twitching in pain as he closed his eyes*... Sorry Alonsa.. I don't think... we're having kids now....

Alonsa: ...*She kicked him* What?! Who said anything about kids, you damn pervert! Ra!

Ra: *Hit him in the back with his staff giggling*

Ven: *He sobbed into the ground* S-Stop it...! He's already hit my pride, my jewels and took my sword! What else do you want from me?!

Alonsa: *She picked him up, dragging him over her back* Hmph! C'mon Ra.

Ra: Okay~ *He walked, hearing the person in the house he stole the stick start yelling. He ran faster*

Ven: E-Easy! *He yelled back, wincing in pain.*

Alonsa: I guess the only things you should really teach Ra is honor, but from where he was raised, I doubt that's going to happen.

Ven: A...man can try... *He said quietly.*

Alonsa: I think you'll just have to accept that the way you fight, and the way the Gerudo fight, are two completely different styles. I wonder what we can do?

Ven: You can put me in our room so I can go die in pain.. *He complained.*

Alonsa: *She giggled, opening the door to his room and tossing him on the bed, dusting her hands off and placing them on her hips* There, you big baby.

Ra: *He pointed and giggled*

Ven: *He laid there, twitching as he didn't move* You.. try taking a kick down there.. see how you like it... *He closed his eyes.*


Melody: *She was walking to her room as she looked down, walking with Ukitake.*

Ukitake: So to clarify, you basically want me to watch you until your asleep

Melody: N-Not like that.. *She looked down* I.. just want some company.. usually Link was there... we'd read or something until I fell asleep.. *She looked to him* I never slept when I was alone.. I was in too much fear.. I'm sort of afraid to sleep alone..

Ukitake: Well, that's obviously something you should consider trying to do in the future. *They entered her room* Luckily I have a book. I... I always wanted to read to small children. *His eyes turned big and sparkly*

Melody: *She looked to him, giving him a small smile.* Ukitake... *She looked down* You don't have to... you're doing enough by helping me with this..

Ukitake: *He picked her up, running to her bed and tucking her in violently, sitting down and opening the book* SHHHH! Shhhh it's time for a bed time story!!

Melody: *Her eyes looked to him, stunned by his determination.* O-Okay... *She blushed, her butterfly flying over and sitting on his shoulder*

Ukitake: *He turned all serious for a moment* Ahem...*His eyes turned sparkly as he saw the little sheep*

Melody: *She looked over at him, smiling faintly. She tried to relax, getting comfy as she hugged the special blanket around her.*

Ukitake: *He began to read the first sentence, but he turned to show her the illustrations as he pointed at it smiling warmly* That's Mr. Sheep!

Melody: *She looked at him, blinking as she sighed, realizing that he was going to treat her like a child. She closed her eyes, knowing that it would make him happy.*

Ukitake: *He turned the page, pointing at another animal with sparkly eyes*

Melody: *She ended up falling asleep, despite the way he was acting.*

Ukitake: *He finished the last sentence half an hour later, closing the book* ....*He slowly grabbed another picture book with sparkly eyes despite her sleeping*


Melody: *The next day soon arrived, as she was slowly waking up. She didn't sleep great, but it was better than nothing. She looked up at the ceiling before she looked around, seeing if Ukitake had stayed.*

Ukitake: *He closed the book* ...And that's how the little squirrel got home.

Melody: *Her eyes looked at him*... Ukitake... you stayed up the whole night...?

Ukitake: ...I did? *His eyes widened. He got up, slowly walking off as he waved* Okay see you in a few minutes!

Melody: *She stared at him, smiling faintly as she sat up. She looked down at the blanket, sighing faintly to herself.*

Ven: *He saw Ukitake leaving her room, looking at him oddly* Uh.. good morning. What were you doing?

Ukitake: *He stared at Ven, his eyes slowly sparkling* Ven...tonight. I will read you a bedtime story.

Ven: *His eyes narrowed, giving a Shunsui look.* Um... Are you okay? *He blinked, stepping back*

Ukitake: *He gave Ven a giant back of candy before walking off and waving* I'll see you in five minutes! Bye bye!

Ven: *He stared at him, staring at the spot he was just in before he left*.... What the hell? Did Ra really kick me that hard? *He sighed, going back to his room.*


Zelda: *She was outside, admiring the view of the city as she waited for them to leave for their adventure. The breeze blew against her as she stared. Her ears were lowered.*

Shunsui: Something on your mind? *He walked out, his arms crossed inside his robes*

Zelda: *She looked back to him, staring at him.* Just.. worried about all of this.. *She sighed.* War is serious... We might be risking Korillia by doing this.

Shunsui: It is indeed...*He sighed* Seeing as how being a future King I'd run into this sorta thing numerous times, I'm going to keep an open mind.

Zelda: *She nodded to him, looking up at the leaves* I risked Hyrule once before in threat of evil... It's not fun...

Shunsui: I wouldn't think so. *He looked up, sighing* We might have to fight against Grandilia.

Zelda: *She nodded to him as she looked down, frowning.* I think we have to.. I get the impression that the king is corrupted by Samantha or something..

Shunsui: *His eyes narrowed, walking ahead* Perhaps...let's wait for the others.

Zelda: *She looked to him, following him as she nodded.* I'd rather not bring it up until we at least reach Exeadius..

Shunsui: That's a good idea.

Harrier: *They waited for the group to prepare and get ready for their departure.* Ancaladar said he's waiting on the border of Grandilia. We have to walk a bit, but it won't be long.


Nightshade: *It had been some time since their last big event, but in that time he had made them a new and propperly hidden home. It wasn't as gloomy as what it used to be for Arietta's sake, but it was still dark. He had appeared in the throne room, watching as his evil dark demons were roaming around acting as their slaves.* Arietta, Darky, I need you both here. *He spoke, his voice loud enough so it would go through the castle* I have some interesting news for all of you. *He smirked lowly as he looked up. "With all that has occurred, my plan to strike will be perfect. They will never suspect it"*

Dark Link: *He walked over, seeming emotionless as his hat swayed behind him wickedly, brushing against the floor as its shadow creeped around his feet. Arietta arrived on one of her flying Hresvelgr*

Nightshade: *He looked over at them, smirking faintly as he rested a hand on the hilt of his blade.* I've found out something interesting, and it seems like it will be use to us.

Dark Link: This is about your brother, isn't it? Why am I being dragged into a sibling's quarrel? I am to watch over you in case your possessed. If it does not interest me... I will not be forced.

Nightshade: *He rolled his eyes.* It isn't about that disgrace. It is about the fate of Grandilia and all that is occuring. I could care less about him. He can go rot for all I care, as long as he does not interfere.

Dark Link: My apologies, with the way you spoke back at Hyrule Castle, It led me to think otherwise. *His eyes narrowed* So your speaking of the war that the King has suddenly declared. *Arietta turned her head, worriedly*

Arietta: A war...? *Her eyes narrowed and shook, hugging her stuffed animal as she turned to Nightshade in denial*

Nightshade: Yes.. *He smirked* The war is interesting... Originally, I caused the war over a century ago between the kingdoms, tricking each kingdom to go against each other, but this time, I gave no interference with the plans. Some sort of attack occurred at the castle, which I have yet to find out what exactly.. but it is indeed something magic based. Regardless, It seems as if the king of Grandilia believes Exeadius attacked them still believes that they are traitors and they plan to attack very soon. This is perfect..

Arietta: *She looked up at him, her frown turning larger* Are you going to use this as a distraction?

Nightshade: Sort of.. *He said as he leaned on a wall, crossing his arms.* The Grandilian king has yet to know that Korillia is back. Using this to my advantage, I can turn Grandilia against Korillia when they find out that they've been hiding this whole time. That way, Melody and her little group will have no choice but to fight, and besides.. their focus seems to be on stopping the war and finding out what this magic force was. I'll let time take its tole and allow them to do some of the dirty work for us.

Dark Link: Sounds simple enough. *He turned to Arietta, smirking* A bloody, gruesome war that clashes blades with mankind, slaughtering dozens of innocent people that had nothing to do with the magic source. *His eyes began to glow* I'll grow powerful the more hatred that spreads, not only with the world, but espically with Link.

Arietta: *She backed away from Dark Link, glaring at him as her monsters growled at him, stepping in front of her*

Nightshade: *He turned his head, closing his eyes* Now now, you're both on the same team.. no need to hate each other just yet. Once they weaken, I will attack with you both and receive the Inner Power. From there, we will prepare for future plans. We also must be cautious, for my brother has yet to make a move in this story, but that usually means he's planning something.

Arietta: *She walked nervously to his side, as her monsters kept an eye on Dark Link for her. She nodded softly to him as she stared faintly sorrowfully up at him* Ghirahim's team has yet to make a move either, and with so many different anime characters entering the world, there could be interferences-out-of-script, and that would be dangerous.

Nightshade: *He rested a hand on her shoulder, his eyes still closed* This is why we're sitting back and watching.. right now, we're really the team that's most hidden from the target. We strike when it's right.

Dark Link: If you were to ask for my opinion, I would simply state that it should be more entertaining. Staying in script is sometimes boring, why not let some outcasts come and do as they please?

Arietta: Th-that's not funny, Darky... You know what would happen.

Dark Link: Nobody can ever reach Her. What are you so afraid of?

Arietta: *She looked to the ground with narrowed eyes* ...

Nightshade: *He cringed faintly* If for whatever reason she was in danger... *He sighed* I will be forced to defend her, not that I really care. I feel like she deserves it, but all my work doesn't deserve to be wasted. For now, focus on our team, Arietta. We are laying low to get answers.

Arietta: *She petted her liger, the Liger Queen sleeping in the distance as her Hresvelgr flew off* Do you want me to send undercover monsters to try and see what people are doing outside...?

Nightshade: *His eyes looked over to her, smirking* Perhaps that is a good idea.. but maybe send them in Exeadius and Hyrule.. I'm curious about our main group. Grandilia will be no trouble for me, considering that I am 'his majesties’ most loyal subject'. *He grinned.*

Arietta: *One of her Hresvelgr flew down to her, making strange sounds near her ear as if communicating. Her eyes widened as she dropped her stuffed animal* ...I-Ion? *Nightshade remembered that name, around the first time he had met Arietta when she mistook his figure for the name*

Dark Link: *Turned over to her curiously*

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed to her, staring at her as his face grew serious*

Dark Link: Who's Ion? *The Liger Queen woke up to his voice, seemingly to know the name as well*

Arietta: *She turned to him, blushing faintly* I-Ion... Ion is a character from my anime... He's... very special to me. My monsters finally found him... I have to get to him before... *She looked up at Nightshade* Daddy, I want you to meet Ion.

Dark Link: You’re going out there alone? We can't let you.

Arietta: You don't understand...

Nightshade: *He stared at her, agreeing with Darky, but he could see her determination.*

Arietta: *Her eyes turned teary* I'm in love with Ion...

Dark Link: *His eyes narrowed*

Arietta: Ion is called... Fon Master Ion. He is a expert in magic, and I used to be his Fon Master Guardian. But someone... Anise... took that away from me. She took my job when I was mentally unable to work...

Nightshade: *He sighed.* You... can go... but if you do not return after a while, we WILL go after you..

Arietta: I'll find him and bring him, there will be no detours... *She said, unsure if she could really do this. Her eyes shook, running to her Hresvelgr and climbing onto it, beginning to fly*

Dark Link: *His eyes narrowed as they glowed* Interesting... Another love story to toy with.

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed to him as he heard him speak* You do not touch hers. She's gone through enough. *He said sternly before walking out.* Focus on who you're targeting.. Link's weakness is our target after all.

Dark Link: *His eyes narrowed, frowning as he heard this.* Hmm.

End of Chapter 3.3
Chapter 3.4

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