Ok if anyone reads this I actually prefer the creepypasta character Sparkle but Gigglepie just acts so cute and innocent. The next Gigglepie story is "Necros".
We found the corpse of AJ. Her body still moved but though it looked like she was alive it was only the machinery. The Necros is a tortured soul. She was tortured before she died. Rarity ran up and hugged AJ and AJ hugged back. Her voice was like that of static on the radio. "I....Am....Glad....To...See....You....Guyssssssssss."
Rarity couldn't hear the words but smiled."Its nice to be back with the group huh? How about we get mommy to safety where I can think."
Well....That was Necros. I know most of these are short. Now. The truth of "Vector".
Vector. Game addict,Sci Fi addict,Alien? Tnats right. He is here to kill all sims and take control of the My Sims town.{April Fools. Thats not true about Vector...I said truth of Vector as a prank. The stories are real though...May have done the prank title early.}