In English class, my teacher makes us students write essays and recently they've all been requiring anecdotes or personal input.

It was a few months ago that I had written an essay that had to do with me [secretly] coming out to my family. Little to actually none approved of the lifestyle and it broke my heart that it felt as though I was spiraling into sadness. And on Christmas morning no less.

Well, not too long ago, everyone in my class had received their papers with commentary from our teacher. As I shuffled through the papers, I had found that specific essay which of course had a perfect score, let the gloating begin.

But what really got me was what my teacher had written, "You are brave to have fought back those tears. Thankfully, you are surrounded by great friends who love and accept you as you are. Friends, are family too."

It really got to me because it was during those moments that I seriously felt so alone. And then here is someone telling me to open my eyes to the people in front of me who will always be there for me, no matter who I choose to love.

When I finished reading that note, I looked up at my friends who kept pestering me on what the topic of my paper was and what the teacher had to say.

I smiled and told them...."It's a secret."

~ I'll post my essay some other day
Eins, Zwei, Drei