Ok now. Sorry I haven't done new stuff. Kinda got into mastermax888s videos had to help a friend on youtube feel better about being a brony{I did help a little} and I have currently forgot to play My Sims but theres still more Gigglepie stories and todays My Sims is actually not creepypasta but a fictional tale of the hidden love of Violet and Goth Boy{Seriously. They are so perfect together but its never known if they love eachother.}
Stories from Gigglepie. "Jealousy" So we searched for the others. We found Rarity. She had become a jealousy mutant. These things are jealous that others are still alive but despite a blade leg she didn't seem to want to harm us. She ran up to us with jealousy but not anger."How did you guys manage this? Rainbow Dash & Pinkiepie are here and no scratches on Pinkiepie or her daughter Gigglepie. Mommy is jealous you know?" I nearly forgot she calls herself mommy now all the time."Wheres Apple Jack?" Rarity seemed to be thinking about this one."Guess momny needs to help you find her." It seemed weird that she'd keep calling herself mommy but we searched for Apple Jack.
Now....The love story I promised.
Violet walks over to Goth Boy."Hi. You seem to need someone to talk to." Goth Boy looks at her."I barely have any friends and I'm all alone.....Yes. I need someone to talk to. Someone to care about me." Violet hugs him."You can talk to me." he smiles and hugs back."Th....Thanks." They hang out together but what no one knows is that they love eachother.