As you know, I've written about several things. To note a few I have an erotica with Harvest Moon MM, a tribute band helps out the famous band sort of story, and my Calendar girls high school girls storyline. My favorite story that I've worked on is my Twelve Kingdoms. Only, there aren't really twelve Kingdoms in the story. There are more like five and they have twelve main characters, whom are the metaphorical Kingdoms.

I still draw the Sakura and Axel from that storyline. I like to draw Chisai from there too, even though she isn't truly from there. I like to imagine that she'd fit in there like a Elimindra. Because the people I based Elimindra on bring me pain to think of, it is nice to replace them with Chisai.

I'd ask for art of my characters if only they weren't in such high fantasy clothing. I think most people wouldn't want to draw armour or medieval fantasy esque dresses. I find it very hard to believe that anyone would be interested in them. I love them so. I still find Stephanie enchanting, as dark as she is. And Katie has grown on me even more since high school. She is like a slow-burning fire; the longer she burns the hotter the love is. I don't have much love for Stephanie or Sarah anymore. They are characters that don't really grow. I think that's why Katie and Stephanie are so interesting. Elimindra will always be intriguing, as well the as the main two. And you can't help but wonder about Alice. If she had lived longer, would she have grown into a larger character as well?

It is a story that I know has an ending. In this world where I keep meeting and finding so many happy endings, it is nice to know there is one person who is unafraid of writing an unhappy ending. And, the ending fits. The unhappy ending is perfect for it. You don't even need to pinpoint all of the main characters in the end. Knowing what happens to most is enough. You don't need to know if any were rescued or what happened ten years from then. You get the picture of what happens when they battle over one heart. One heart's fate destroys them all.