Another eventful day. Found a buncha toast inside a trashcan... A bit stale but kinda tasty. Decided to remain my normal boring self. Although I feel like I am still coming off a bit cold. I think I could do better maybe.
For breakfast I didn't have much. For lunch and dinner together it was some pizza and wings. Yes this occurred outside gaia in my realm. Hehe, cookies. Anyway, decided to play some CA. Need to work on my pew pew.
As for RS, ehh... I haven't been on there for a bit. I am avoiding it for a bit while I recover from this schocking... bleah.
Then there's GW2. Mostly just roaming around showing off. Yeah I only have one character... And Imma stick to it for now.
Alright back to talking in town (2). I am appearing to look like a bluish ZOMBIE.

Hello goodnight all that jazz or whatever time of day it is.