The days passed and Olivia received no spiteful punishments from her noble peers. That only served to make her more nervous. She didn't feel that she deserved it, not after being treated like a delicate flower in constant need of saving. Not after being taught that her entire purpose in life was to cook, f*ck, and make babies with one man. She was determined not to be a trophy and if she had to pretend to be a boy then so be it.

Since the weapon selection, Johnathan had taken the weapons back and saw to it that wooden replacements were placed in their hands. Each was sized to each boys preferred weapon and filled with lead to replicate the weight. From there, they all began to spar with one another. Twice weekly with those whose styles would utterly dominate their own, twice weekly with those who they could crush, and the other three days they were allowed to pick their partners.

Olivia found she had the most trouble with the boys using clubs and hammers as did most of the swordsmen. If it was a vertical swing, she could sidestep and poke at his ribs with her wooden spear. More often than not though they favored horizontal swings that forced her either forward and use her sword, or backward and out of range.

The swordsmen were tricky bastards as well. They parried with such ease and came in for the kill so often she often found herself frustrated to the point of beating the hay out of the dummies laid out for them to practice their forms on. Usually by the end of each day she was covered in black, blue, and green bruises that hurt so bad she could hardly move.

"Dammit all.." she groaned as she tossed her weapons on the bed, wishing more and more that she could just wear her armor to practice. Then she would show them all. But she really didn't think she could. What would happen if they all had the privilege of armor? She would still be up sh*t creek like she was now.

She growled heavily and clenched all of her muscles as she struggled to contain a scream, though her body screamed in response, sore from her muscles growing stronger and from the beatings. Finally she just sighed and focused on meditation techniques she had read about before pursuing this harebrained scheme of becoming a boy.