So, yesterday was amazing.
I went to my friends house, and for the first time, i rode a city bus by myself all the way there.
She lived about 1-2 hours away from me.
When we met, it wasn't so emotional. I was waiting for her at starbucks, and I met her across the street at 7-11.
We took a bunch of pictures. xD
We went to albertsons, DD Discounts, etcetc.
We were going to go swimming, but we got lazy. So we ate instant chow mein and got ready fast.
Then when it was time for us to skate, we left and went to Crystal Palace, (Skating place at Sin-City.) And Not until like, an hour or so later, the guy I was looking forward to meeting to finally came. His name was CJ. xD
There was this tiny little event at the skating rink that it always has, and it was the Hokey Pokey and Birdy Dance. I showed him how to do it, but apparently, while it was just me and him dancing in that event from our group, my friend was taking pictures of us. LOLOLOL
So yeah, but when I walked in, I just fell for him. Idk, I like long hair. And I'm lame because when I fall for people in real life, it's their looks if I don't know them well enough, or their personality when I got to know him better.
Oh, did I mention that the WHOLE GROUP SPOKE TAGALOG THE ENTIRE TIME? I was the only one there that just awkwardly spoke one language, and had my friend translate for me the entire time. Plus, CJ doesn't speak english very well either. D;
Making me want to learn Tagalog. xD
But yeah, then we went to McDonalds after that. Haha, me and him didn't talk much, but I met another girl. She seemed nice, sorta bossy a bit though. Her personality isn't ideal, but not all the way bad. But yeah, and my friend has a BUNCH of $2 bills, so we used that to buy our food. Then after that, we raced the guys to her house. We ended up going home at the same time. Plus, she lived in a ghetto neighborhood, and I was wearing shorts, so we hurried. (Whore moment.) Apparently, when we were on our way home, my friend told me that her brother was having 3 of the guys sleep over. it was a fun night, but I was a party pooper and just went to sleep at 12. xDD
Before that though, I had a lot of fun. I was being ultra flirty though. I never knew I could be LOLOLOL.
There was this one moment that keeps me daydreaming.
CJ took my phone, and I wanted it before I went to sleep.
He was getting some Orange soda, and I wanted my phone so I could wake up in time to catch the bus on the morning (Hahaha nope.)
Then when I was trying to get it, I was looking through his pockets. (Don't think that way pleaseee) And he almost choked on the orange soda. xDDD
Then when I was trying to get it I was getting more and more flirty just so I could get my phone and sleep. Then he gave me a huge hug and I'm just like, can I have it now? Then he took it and raised it up and touched the cieling. He's like, 5'11 D:
And I'm 5'4 or 5'5. xD
I couldn't get it, but when I finally did, I went to sleep. Then he started messaging me on my facebook messenger, he was telling me to go to the other room. And I didn't reply. Then he came over to the room I was in and tried to bring me over, and he almost carried me bridal style and I screamed a bit. xDDD
I almost woke my friends Grand-dad up. D:
Then he went back. We were going to swim this morning too, but we were too loud and got in trouble, so we couldn't go. xD
Then CJ and the 2 other guys walked me to the bus stop. I was a loner that time because they all kept speaking tagalog. D;
And apparently, they were making fun of me in tagalog.
But yeah, I got lost on the way home and my dad had to pick me up, and here I am.
So yeah. My new love life begins.
Anyone wanna offer to teach me tagalog?
- u -