BEFORE I START THIS.... I have to declare that this may be the longest letter. Please don't think of it the wrong way other family !
Dear uncle Chaos,
Thank you... So much... For everything. I could never say thank you enough for all that you've done. You've helped me with my every problem and guided me through the bad times with open arms the whole way... You've helped me be more open and honest... You've taught me many lessons and helped me so so much... You and I have so much in common and I'm glad I found someone in the family that I connect with truly... You and I share opinions as well as tea often. ^_^
Without you uncle, I'd be in turmoil over not being able to solve my issues with someone to help. I'm sooo thankful we met and you came into my life. You have a heart of pure gold that shines brighter than the stars and lights up the darkness. You're so kind and friendly. I love you uncle, You're another best friend of mine that I have many cherished memories with. The laughter and the tears, through it all you've been there, somehow finding a way no matter what, to make me smile and laugh. You're amazing. Please never leave or if you do, please always find some way to speak to me, I'll always need you, you're honestly one of the people I've opened to more than anyone other than Luka and a few others like my mother and father plus others who don't even know I've opened to them. ^_^
You're so caring and generous to me, I swear I'll pay back all gold you've given me. I swear. One day. I'll even give extra ^_^ I owe you so much. All the memories we share are important to me and I will always hold them close in my heart. I remember when we first met and you pulled me aside and settled a problem of mine for the first time and I can't thank you enough... Thank you soooo much. I was shy towards you when we first talked but as days pass I find telling you things so much easier and without noticing it, around you, I'm not the least bit shy. Infact I'm more open than I've ever been. Thank you... So much... You are purely amazing in every way. Don't ever change that heart of yours. ^_^
~ Love, your neice, Kitty