Essie: You're a bright and fun loving girl with many years ahead of her. I look forward to meeting your child when it is born and I will gladly babysit anytime as you would do the same for me ^^. You've always been there and I hope you always will be... Ever since we were little kids and hopefully for years ahead to come. ^_^ I love you Essie, (family way) You're my best friend.
Rose: I'm so sorry I didn't get to pastor the wedding you and lex had. Still mad at that butthead! That's right Lexx. No I'm kidding Lex ^^ I'm not mad at you anymore xp. Rose, you're so sweet and just very smart. You never judge as far as I've seen and you only usually have good things to say. ^^ I like those things about you, Keep them that way and don't change a thing girlie!!
Rikka: I don't know much about you but you're one of roses daughters so I assume only the best. And from what I have seen of you, I see this to be true. ^^ you may be silent but I know you're a great person that I'd like to speak to more.
Other cousins: I have plenty of cousins that I love and adore, They're all so funny and lovable xp. I love all my cousins so very much biggrin and their humor xD!! ^_^

~Love, Your cousin, Kitty