I'm happy to be back in SF but Gaia seems a bit wonky on my computer right now. I think it might just be because my computer updated... but it's throwing me off my game and depressing.

I wanted to apologize for my last entry, it got a bit dark. I was writing it on the ipad in my angry, hard to sleep time of the night.

This is me and it would be sad to die right now. Since I have been so anti-social, my stories would never be understood or completed. Yes, I have written them down in notes but only I really know how they string together. All my creativity would be down the drain, for nothing.

I kept thinking how ironic it would be if I was on my way home and someone from my past sat next to me on the train. We didn't recognize each other first then we realize and I convince her to stay. "It was fate and there must have been a reason. How have you honestly been, anything off because of something we were or did?"

And now I am going to depart for a while since the computer thing freaks me out and no one is home so Zelda time it is.

I have been wearing these fake jewels on my face all day. There's no glue to keep them there but they stay. = u = They like mah face.