hey its been a while, havent written in a while but ive been somewhat occupied lately. last wednesday marked the end of my winter quarter, second year of college and now im on spring break! i've been having fun so far; been dragged around by friends is a pretty nice thing to happen, but the past couple of days i've been working so hang outs were a little short lived razz but fun regardless. ha lately at work been subing for this one guy and their kids are so adorable! they get so excited when we play games or when i have them jump into the water/off the wall, 2 cute. but not everyone didnt have fun w/me; theres this one child stephanie who is scared of me, i kid u not. i wouldnt do anything to her yet and she would already back away from me, but when i did get her in she got me in trouble omg when i tried to make her laugh my manager came to me thinking i was mocking her from how she was reacting to me >_> and when i see her with a female teacher im like :L wow. that kid really doesnt like me + didnt help w/my confidence :L but thats one kid compared to the many kids that liked me when i subed smile . comparing with what ive done w/the kids, im really upset that the teacher i subed for was such a bad teacher omg :L he i would say is kept under the thumbs of the kids because they dont learn anything at all. there isnt any disipline placed on the kids by the teacher :/ hes a great guy, but i hope he isnt given hrs to teach anymore. you see, working at the pool as not only the instructor but guard as well opens up to two thing: you can either guard all work hr or teach, or do both during the schedule of the same day. he should just guard instead of teach, his kids arnt learning anything or getting anybetter being comfortable with the water.

your almost to the end of your freshmen year i believe? man, time flies razz feels like its only been last summer since we started school again right after the cruise. i found a couple of friends in college that r just great people im not kidding, like if u ever came to visit i would totally introduce u to them. ha i think theres one friend, phillippe, that'll like you because he plays the piano and sings well 2 ha be cool if i saw u2 sing 2gether. if your in2 fighting games now, there r 2 friend neimo and ryan who are very well experienced with games like tekken, street figher, ssb brawl, games in general. they're so fun 2 play with, but my butt's been handed 2 me on a silver platter so many times omg that good. or am i just bad :L lol jk. if you enjoy anime, i got friends for that, anna and sebastion are well informed about current ongoing mangas and they have a good library on what 2 watch. yugioh, pokemon, or magic the gathering is your taste? my friends, bevan niemo aman max alex brian mikey ryan walker, and i play that as well. ha i have a lot of geeky/nerds for friends but they are just such great people wish u could meet them.

my girlfriend and i are doing well. we've had a hard time seeing each other during college, but she supports me + we see each other when we have time and on skype. shes really sweet, wish u could meet her. told her a lot about u and she wants to meet you. i know u guys'll b great friends.

how are you doing so far lately? has your parents been holding you back again? i admit i've seen ur journals on your deviant, and i really hope that everythings getting better for you. idk, from the looks of it it feels like ur suffering somehow, from what idk. but i wish i could do something to help, if i had the chance to i would try to help whatever it was. you may be suffering right now, but i hope that by the time its over you are a lot stronger than you were before.

i wish we can meet again. i want to see how much you've grown. i hope in the future when i see you again you still have the beautiful soul i once saw on the cruise.

i wish you the best
~ Wtphu

PS. I love you