Wednesday afternoon:

At work now. as per usual, this is my vegetation time.

Noticed when looking at my journal that I have a title now. "Community Member"


*feels important?*

also, the new girl at work has quit already. O.O;; wat. I'ma gonna have to talk to her about that...

and to the girl with the mohawk... she's super quiet, yet one night she walked into the commons without her usually luscious blonde locks. I just wanna know what's going on...

tried running on the track for the first time this morning. it was exhilarating to feel a breeze while running, and there was so much to look at! .... yeah, all that excitement lasted about 30 seconds.

I'm at least two weeks behind. I could run for 5 minutes at a time before spring break, and now making it to three is a stretch. *sigh*

we'll get there again. SPRING CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH. I'm super excited to start biking again, too...

so... I kind of like having just one job now. It's a crapton less stress~~

and the rest of this semester should be pretty smooth sailing. Tuesdays are usually my hell days... but even those are nothing.

Had a test this morning, one of my friends commented on how I never seem to study, yet I tend to get good grades anyways...

and thinking about it, I've had that conversation with people before. xD Very few people have seen me do homework.

So I'm thankful for the free time that I have, realizing that while other people are usually freaking out about how much they have to do before tomorrow, I can manage to take two naps in a day (like today... *cough*) and still get everything done when it's due. and facebook, and twitter, and email, and music...


Wednesday night:


A group of them crashed our bible study tonight, and sang to us. biggrin To the tune of Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade, they invited us to Java Love, an event for Nav guys and gals on Dordt's campus to get together and hang out in a formal, educational, and awesome setting. <3

i was blushing thee. entire. time. *nervous laugh*

Friday morning:
....... along the same lines as what I just wrote, yeah. you know that one quote about how a woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man has to seek Him in order to find her?

it works the other way, too.

Looking at these guys, their hearts are completely dedicated to God. I feel bad for liking them, because I am not worthy to even be associated with them.

Saw one of them in the commons with his Bible the other day, too. wow.

in other news, went on my gaia profile for the first time in a long time today. updated my age and class, and had to laugh when the songs started playing...

oh the memories. :]

as I sit here writing, they're playing, actually. bahaha.

right then. I'M GOING HOME TODAY!!!! first time since last December.

should start packing eventually.....

i had all these high hopes and dreams for getting homework done, but really, that can wait. xD took a nap this morning at 8 after the gym & breakfast, went to class, & i'm sitting here killing a little more time waiting for it to warm up a few more degrees before I go outside


should be back by 11:30 or so, shower and go to class at 1, then pack at 2, help kim with work at 3, then head out! whee

'tis a good day. A Good Friday. :]