I'm having doubts about this Central place. Checked into the hotel and decided to walk to the outskirts, y'know, check the fields, see if it's flat enough to set up.
Saw some girl chained up to a post. WTF?

She tried to skirt around it, but she pretty much admitted she was a necromancer.
Wallet didn't confirm it, but I guess you don't have business cards for a job where the average reaction is to send you to a looney bin. Still, she *seemed* pretty sane and she was nice enough, even though I teased her a bit...

She said the place is pretty anti-magic. Man, sounds like some soccer moms got upset over Harry Potter and Twilight stuff. Lame.

So we can't use the big guns... no biggie. We've pulled off stripped down shows.
We'll just slip in a little bit of razzle-dazzle when the stuffier adults aren't looking.
Let them explain *that* to the kids who ask an obnoxious amount of questions.