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// TNWF Studio Presents // The Miz //
            Always be consistent to your dreams, never give up [[INSPIRED BY DEVAN]].

            ....You will never amount to anything.
            You're annoying...
            ....Leave the TNWF.
            You're not awesome...
            ....You're a loser.
            You will never make it...

            Michael Gregory "Mike" Mizanin (born October 8, 1980), better known by his ring name The Miz, is an American professional wrestler, reality television star, media personality, announcer, and actor signed to WWE.. The Miz was sitting on a comfy couch in his living room, wearing a suit, looking at the camera and talking to it like it was a reality TV show. The background was a grunge brown-ish wall, but had some posters of The Miz.

            The Miz: I've always been hated. I don't know people hated me, they just hated me. I've never done anything bad towards them, but I figured they were just jealous of me. Anyways, welcome and thank you for purchasing my documentary whether it'd be from the TNWFShop.com or the store. Lets start off, from the beginning, where the "Awesome One" originated. It was October 8, 1980, uh, My mother she was pregnant at the time and I then at 2 am I was born a healthy baby. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where I attended Normandy High School. I was captain of the basketball and cross country teams. I also participated in swimming, the student government and was the editor of his high school yearbook. And then attended Miami University, where he was a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity, and studied business at the Richard T. Farmer School of Business. I dropped out of college, where I was pursuing a degree in business in order to appear on the tenth season of MTV's reality telivision program The Real World in 2001.

            User Image

            CM Punk: I think I've watched Mizanin on Real World, just one episode though. When I was flying through channels on my TV. I saw Mike picking up his TNWF toys and just keeping them as memorable momentos and he walked around the household acting like a wrestler and I was thinking ".. This guy" *haha* But, uh, Mizanin is a dreamer and he worked hard, most definitely throughout his whole life just to be in the TNWF.

            Chris Jericho: I'm a big fan of dreamers and It amazes me how Mike went from picking up TNWF wrestling toys at the store to being a TNWF Champion, which - It inspires lots of people that The Miz could do that and he proved most of his haters wrong which I felt very storngly about him that time - I was happy for the guy.

            The Miz: So where did "The Miz" come from? Where did the gimmick come from, haha, well *looks down and reminisce about the old times* Basically what it was, was a alter-ego that I made up in an episode of The Real World in contract to my usually placid demeanor. The Miz was angry, combative, and headstrong. I realized then that "The Miz" would make an excellent professional wrestling gimmick.

            Dolph Ziggler: The Miz? *Haha* Psh, that guy's a loser. Get a load of me, eh, eh *flexes arms* Yup, gun show right here baby. Something Miz can't present in his own documentary. Hashtag stealing the show.
            User ImageUser Image
            The Miz: In 2003 I started my goal to become a pro wrstling -- and ... pursuing the goal of becoming a professional wrestler was on my list of things to do ever since I was a kid, but I joined UPW. Ultimate Pro Wrestling, where I trained in the Ultimate University. I made my in-ring debut in 2003 as The Miz, during my time in the UPQ I competed in UPW's Mat War's tournament, making to the finals before losing to a guy named Tony Stradlin. I was devasted, very devastated, but I know there would be many more things to come in my career. A year later in 2004, Tough Enough came into my life and I entered the fourth season of Tough Enough, the televised competition in which they would award the winner a Total Nonstop Wrestling Federation contract and US$1,000,000. Despite coming in last in an arm wrestling tournament on Novemer 25, 2004 I outlasted six other wrestlers and made it to the final round. And then at the pay-per-view event, Armageddon, I faced the other remaining entrant, Daniel Puder, in a three round "Dixie Dogfight" which basically It was a boxing match. Neither of us achieved a knockout, and the contest was awarded to Puder on the basis of crowd reaction and then Puder was announced Tough Enough winner. I was bummed, I felt sad, but during my time in Tough Enough this agent gave me a card about wrestling in development shows and thankfully I'm thankful that I kept the card because when I did I was called up to wrestling in Deep South Wrestling to train under Bill Demott. Good times I had in Deep South, I became the first heavyweight champion there. On January 3, 2006 it was reported that I - Mike The Miz Mizanin -had been transferred to OVW. On the January 18, 2006 OVW TV Show, I made my debut as "Miz", with a "Miz TV" segment, where I was shown talking to Rene Dupree, but lost by countout. I've done alot of things in OVW, became the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship with Chet the Jett and Seth Skyfire. Then through hard work and dedication, blood and tears, sweat and pain. I got my contract to TNWF.

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            CM Punk: Mike was a great kid, I remember seeing him in the backstage are of OVW, I didn't really know him alot, nor have we ever stepped in the ring together once before in any federation / company, but hell he was - he was a cocky kid and I people didn't really like him because he was self-centered and thought he was "all" that.

            The Miz: I made my debut in GWE, I've basically done some things that "vintage" Miz would do. I teamed up with John Morisson later then breaking up with him in 2009 and then came a whole 'nother Miz. And this is when GWE changed it's whole outlet completely to "TNWF/TNWE"

            Chris Jericho: Miz got fired, because people wanted him to be fire, some people even made petitions to get The Miz out of the TNWF and he came back one day surprising us on the first ever episode of Saturday Night Lights. I was alongside The Miz and he was in horrible conditions, he never really got out much, but then I convinced Mr. McMahon to give him a match in the first show of SNL since McMahon came up to me and said "Hey, Chris, I need your help there is 1 card that is missing and, uhm, we'll need to get that blueprinted out because we need this show to be action-packed" I said to myself, "The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan, is the United States Champion up for grabs, hell put that on the line" McMahon made it come true so there it was, a match against Daniel Bryan for the United States Title.

            The Miz: I was deeply amazed -- It was a second chance for me and I'm kinda glad that I got that second chance, because if it weren't for that "second chance" I wouldn't of had gotten to where I am today. I'm glad, really.

            *Ding Ding Ding* And your winner and new United States Champion, THE MIIIIIIZ!

            The Miz: I was shocked, I didn't even know how to speak. It's like the words that I was about to say slipped out of my mouth when the referee handed me my United States Champion. It was a recovery for me. I won that match and soon after Daniel Bryan brutally beat me up, I was sent to the hospital, but the injury wasn't that -- big and so I had myself fixed up in just about minutes and I went back to what I truly loved the most, TNWF. After winning that match I was back on my feet again and I went ahead and I did bigger and better thing -- So, Grandslam was around the corner, *haha* *slight smile*, honestly that pay-per-view was horrible *laughs* Considering it may have been the worst pay-per-view set up in TNWF's entire history, it'll probably be the only pay-per-view that sucked because the rest after that were phenomenal and breathtaking like you couldn't keep your eyes off of the TV. Something that you wouldn't wanna miss, if you needed to go use the bathroom, you would probably sit there in your own piss watching the thing because it was just to good to miss out on, but as soon as I made my appearance in TNWF's GrandSlam things turned up and I stole the show with my match against Christian, because I retained my United States Champion. I became the first ever United States Champion and I am now the longest reigning damn United States Champion!
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            User Image

            Daniel Bryan: The Miz was going on a furious rampage from being the United States Champion, even I was amazed at Miz's work in the TNWF. Despite me, failing to win the United States Champion and his disrespect towards me when he was assigned to train me. He is actually a good guy to compete with in the ring, he's very challenging I have to admit and outside of the ring he is a whole other person, like when you conversate with him outside of the ring you're going to be wondering "What happened to that cocky, alter-ego of yours?" *Haha* You know what I'm saying?

            The Miz: Night Of Champions was coming up and I was excited, unbearably. I loved how Night Of Champions' arena was set up and the match-card I was absolutely in love with it. That would have to be my favorite ever pay-per-view, even though ... I lost my United States Champion to Ted DiBiase. We were in a heated feud at the time, with my fiance Maryse. And it was a soap-opera. It was story-wise so, *haha* I didn't take much seriousness and jealousy to it as I should have. But I lost and .. 3 months later, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, turned fiance - Maryse! Maryse is probably the best thing that ever happened to me along with my TNWF career and I can't say I was really upset about that loss, but I was upset. I mean *c'mon* who wouldn't be upset if they lose a title? That would be insane of you to not be, you're probably inhumane *haha* but after I proposed to Maryse. I, uh, got into some trouble with John Cena and, wooh, we've hit it off real well and possibly made a controversial rivalry that would end up in the cards of WrestleMania, which - man! I was shocked, my jaw dropped when our match at WrestleMania was announced, but lets backtrack before 'Mania. I had a shot at the TNWF Champion against Cena and - *slight smile*

            And your WINNER AND NEW TNWF CHAMPION ..... THE MIZ!!!!!

            The Miz: .... *wooh* I was, that moment, so pure, so amazing. I was amazed. I finally felt like I've made it. Like I was playing in the big leagues. I couldn't even breathe when I won. All my heroes that held the TNWF Champion. The heroes that I saw hold it and give it value when I was a kid, I'm stunned! I'm holding something that my role-models held. I'm proud to say that I've made it, even though my "miztakes" as I call them, probably still *don't* think that I made it, which I don't know exactly why, but I still have haters knocking on my door, leaving twitter messages saying that I still haven't made it and I'm nothing even though I became the TNWF Champion. I'm standing here like *SHOCKED* Are you stupid? Like, really? Are you -- What's wrong with you??

            And your WINNER AND NEW TNWF CHAMPION ..... THE MIZ!!!!!

            User Image

            The Miz: Loved hearing those words again and then I was just their with the TNWF Championship. Extreme Rules hastily came by and I was like -- I need a match against someone for my TNWF Champion. I need someone to face me for this, because everyone was going for the World Heavyweight Championship, so I'm like lets show these people that the TNWF Champion means something. So, I competed against CM Punk, we didn't hype our match *alot* though so we just competed and I am happy that we did. -- I lost, but that means that there is more room for improvement and I will keep doing what I do best.

            CM Punk: Say goodbye to your title, Miz. Because I've got it. Because I'm The Best In The World. *haha* But jokes aside Mizanin, he really did good out there in the Extreme Rules ring and he is a great competitor to compete with.

            The Miz: As many of you people noticed I did change my look, thank you very much. Do you like my hair? I changed it cause CM Punk was going around backstage telling everyone that fohawks were gay so *wink* I changed my hair, ladies. *Haha* but basically that was my TNWF Career. And I don't wanna make this whole documentary *ONLY* about my TNWF Career. I know there are people here that want me to tell you a in depth description of my time as a child - teenager. Basically my personal life and I will, uhm, again I told you where I got my education, but as a child I was a rabid wrestling fan. At 2 am in the morning I'd sneak my way downstairs, attending to my living room watching TNWF and my dad would get mad at me. *haha* As a kid I was never in that "Ew, girls" phase that most guys had when they were a child. I was always the sweetheart and I remember being such an annoyance to a teacher, but I'd still be that teacher's favorite because I was a sweetheart and I would always raise my hands up, participate in class activities in Elementary School and compliment her. At 11, my parents divorced and I got a step father which was devastating to me, but *reality check* it's what I gotta live through, so I lived through it and didn't really have much problems with my step-father so. As a teen I'd just be that lovable jerk, and I've dated lots of girls when I was teen, oh my. *Haha* But out of all those girls I've dated no girl can compare to Maryse. My favorite band is biggrin efLeppard.I'm a lefty. My favorite colours are blue, red, and purple. I think thats all I needed to saying this -- Thank you, to the fans who have been there for me beginning to present. And tune into TNWF to see where my TNWF career goes -- The Chick Magnet, "The Miz!" signs out. Be Jealous.

            User ImageUser ImageUser Image

            Being a Back To New York Real World reality superstar made me get to thinking, you see. I was a big fan of the TNWF, I would always attend to watching the TV watching TNWF as a kid. I've always talked about the TNWF when the spotlight shined on me back when I was in the Real World. My fellow co-workers they said, "Eh will, go ahead and try to make it to the TNWF. Look at you you're skinny, you don't have what it takes" I stood there shocked, surprised they would say something like that. I was merely upset by their words, their words just sinked into my head. It kept being repeated -- kinda like how Orton hears the voices in his head, but these voices were my co-workers' voices. I've promised to myself till that day I'm not going to just stand there and choose failure as an option. I'm going to become a TNWF superstar no matter the cost. SO, I did. I joined the developmental scene, TNWF's Tough Enough. I've prayed, worked, sweat. There were tears there were broken dreams. Especially for me, losing that contract to Daniel Puter. We shook hands, we said our goodbyes, but it wasn't final to me. I'm still going to be there, I'm not leaving TNWF. SO, It's a good thing I kept this one agent's card and boom, he booted me into a indie wrestling company which was another developmental scene for the TNWF, so I attended, became the first TV Champion there, really nice. I would tell you more, but I don't have anymore time. But enjoy -- *mwah*

            MATCHES (28 total) - I'm not going log all my matches, not logging the losses either.
            [2] = WON against Justin Gabriel
            [3] = WON against Trenton formerly known as Trentacles
            [6] = WON against Antonio Cesaro
            [4] = WON against Booker T
            [5] = WON against Sting in a Champion vs. Champion match
            [6] = WON against Trenton, formerly known as Trentacles
            [7] = WON against John Cena (NEW TNWF CHAMPION, FIRST TIME)
            [8] = WON against Dolph Ziggler RETAINED UNITED CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE
            [9] = WON against Christian at TNWF's first Pay-Per-View GRANDSLAM
            [10] = WON against AJ Styles at SummerSlam retaining the United States Championship for the second time!
            [11] = Eliminated Cody Rhodes at the Royal Rumble
            [12] = WON against John Cena becoming 2 time TNWF Champion

            (Rest of the win matches were probably deleted and/or lost. These are the ones that I could find)

            First ever United States Champion (50 states Champion) 1x
            TNWF Champion 2x
            Must See Champion
            Won Best Tweet Of The Year - 2012
            The Miz - @TripleH That's creepy Triple H. Really? Really? Really? You watch Steph and your kids sleep. Really?

            Won Best Kiss Of The Year - 2012 with Maryse

            User Image

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