I still prefer putting things here instead of in the actual threads anymore.

The entire "gay community" as far as I'm concerned can go f*ck itself. That also includes pretty much anyone else, especially if you're anti-piracy.

Now, when I heard of "Chik-Fil-A", I honestly pronounced it as "Chick Filla" (like 'Filler'), because I thought the name looked like the name of a porno. Why did I think that; because I had no idea what that place even was. I suspected the reason being that the owner would rather funnel some funds to activists that have long ago lost the argument instead of actually conceptualizing their chain to other states. They later apparently backed down from supporting it, in which no one else seems to have caught that message.

Do I care about the hostility those other gays show to everyone? Not really; I like watching from the sidelines. Who wins at the end of the day? No one; I just go back to playing games and fantasizing about screaming at people, since everyone seems to love to listen to the things I say.

As far as gay "marr-y-awzh" is concerned, since the gays are as bright as the straight people are (and they all so very kindly listen to everything I say), I honestly don't care what happens to this concept of "marr-yage" anyway. It was mentioned, time after time after time that it's supposed to be (for the 90 f*ckingest of times) called a "Civil Union". You know, so all the religious dumb-f*ckeries could have their precious definition of "marriage" or lack thereof. You know who would listen to me? No one. Not the gay f*cks, not the straight f*cks; no one. It's honestly like talking to a f*cking wall, but at least talking to a wall is more fun, because it doesn't talk back with lousy rhetoric and fallacious logic. If you call it "Same-sex marriage", because the grammar Nazis like to emotionally attach themselves to a word in which every word in the dictionary is subject to change, then the grammar Nazis will get all defensive like all of humanity will be destroyed because a word might get a change in definition.

Wait, do you know what that's like? That's like the definition of "woman":
6. a man considered as having supposed female characteristics, such as meekness or timidity
Do you know what that means? I could marry a man, based on the definition of "woman"; lovely.

That's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it.

Oh and lol about being "rational". The "rationals" have this dogmatic approach about listening to only the same type of people over and over and over again, so long as they self-proclaim themselves as "rational", but when someone else provides a statement from a "rational/calm" viewpoint, they listen to nothing they have to say and insist upon giving them crap about how their state of "calmness" is superior.