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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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Spring Break in D.C. Part 3/Birthday/Stuff
Ok, let me continue where I left off.

Connor came back. Katie decided to go to the library and Connor and I went and rented some movies and wandered over to the grocery store for some munchies. It was hilarious how varied our food tastes are; we don't seem to like any of the same things! And he acts like he isn't picky (I know I am, so it's ok). Connor and I did our own thing until Katie got back. After she returned, we went to a buffet in town. It was a weird conglomeration of Italian, Chinese, and Japanese food. There were a lot of fun things to try and, although it wasn't the greatest, it's not like it sucked. It was a buffet, we expected little else. We returned and finally busted out the movies. We got 2 horrors: Sinister and Paranormal Activity 4. Sinister was pretty good, although the ending was kind of abrupt and Paranormal Activity 4 was pretty boring. And that's saying something, because I don't generally like horror, so you know it isn't scary. We actually got horror because Connor wants me to get used to them (he loves them). I didn't mind it, but the second movie was a huge letdown. The series is going downhill fast. After that, we went to sleep, which was a bit obnoxious. Katie laid sideways in the middle of the bed, so Connor and I squished on the other side and I couldn't sleep. I did homework, tried to sleep on the floor, whatever I could do. Eventually, Connor switched the right way so Katie was kind of at the foot of the bed, so I joined him because the floor was not working for me.

Unfortunately, we woke up the next morning and Katie was on the floor. I accidentally kicked her while I was sleeping, so she moved. I felt pretty bad, but I guess it wasn't going to work for everyone. So, we had cookies for breakfast. Then, Connor got out some hair chalk. I wanted to see his hair dyed, but he couldn't keep it dyed for work, so it seemed the best option. However, it didn't work on his hair at all. I mean, his hair is black, but he'd watched tutorials where it worked, so we were disappointed. We just weren't meant to have our hair colored that week! After that the 3 of us bullshitted for a while. They were awful (as usual mrgreen ), but I was getting used to it and am actually starting to match their humor. (It may be dissipating now that I'm not there, but that's beside the point.) After talking for a bit, Katie decided she needed to get back to research and Connor and I headed out to see the National Zoo. it was really fun! We got to see pandas and a peacock and some really amazing reptiles. It was all good. I hadn't been to a zoo for an extremely long time and for being free it was pretty impressive. We walked around and acted all couple-y. It was really great to just sight-see together like that. We were there from about noon until the place started to shut down at around 5-5:30pm. That was when we started talking about food. Connor mentioned that another strip club we'd previously looked into was about a 30 minute walk away. We really wanted to give another strip club a try to see if the one we went to was simply a dud or if they were all that way, so we decided to eat there.
We walked over and some great conversation on the way. We found the club and went inside. First of all, the music was pumping and there was a great selection. The atmosphere was great and there were three stages. We ordered drinks and got menus pretty quickly. For being earlier in the night, it was really chill. Most of the dancers were hanging at the tables and having a good time with each other as they waited for their slots. Connor and I got our drinks and food and, let me tell you, the food was actually pretty great! It was about what you'd get at your standard dive. We ate and watched the dancers. Connor had a little bit of money on him and teased me to go up to a dancer. I wanted to, but I was really nervous. I noticed a woman on the stage farthest from us doing some really amazing stuff and I was so torn! Connor said he would go with me because he knew I wanted to go up there and was too scared. We both went up to her and I told her she was pretty and Connor told her he liked her tattoos and we threw a dollar on the stage (I felt like such a cheapskate, but that's what everyone did!). She told me I was pretty too and we started talking. She was so nice! She was impressed that we both went up there and said we were a cute couple. I had a cupcake on my sweatshirt that she pointed out and showed me a cupcake tattoo she had on the side of her hand. Then she showed us a glass tattoo she had on the side of her other hand, "So even if I don't drink I can still clink glasses." I thought that was so clever! We watched her for a bit (she was so acrobatic!) and then we left. I was happy I did it! It was so worth giving a strip club another try. I would definitely go there again if given a chance!
Afterwards, we walked the long way back to the metro. Ironically, we saw the National Cathedral on the way back and took a few pictures (it cost money to go inside, so we didn't do that). Then...we went to another sex store rofl This one was much more affordable and we grabbed a few things there, but it was fun to look around! There was a huge selection, I didn't know there were so many things and...wow. We got back on the metro heading home after that. It was a long day, but it was the good kind and so incredibly worth it! On the metro, Connor found a truth or dare app on his phone and we played some truths. The app was pretty lame, so it wasn't all that enlightening, but it was still a fun way to pass the time. We got back to the apartment. We cuddled and there were no silly arguments. It was as perfect as a day could be.

The next day we got a chance to sleep in, and we savored that! We didn't get up until about noon. Connor and I finally got to watch the finale of King of the Nerds (we were both a bit disappointed, but I was more ok with it than he was. Connor just pointed out that it was ironic that a show about nerds would determine the winner through a popularity contest...). We debated going out clubbing that night, but Katie said she'd be too busy and, again, Connor and I didn't want to go with just us and risk a disappointing repeat of St. Patrick's Day, so we decided to stay in. We tactfully asked Katie to leave, as it was our last full day together. When she came back, we ordered Chinese take-out for pick up. When Connor and I went to get it, we stopped to rent The Avenger's and The King's Speech. We had some in-depth conversation along the way. We started the Avengers as we ate. Katie joined us, unable to work and eat. Connor and I started drinking. About half an hour into the movie, Katie started talking and Connor paused it. There was normal chatting and fun, but it soon turned into their depressing conversations. I was more used to it, so I didn't mind it as much, but I was looking forward to getting happy drunk (I've never been drunk before). I didn't want to get drunk amongst these sad sacks, so I slowed down a lot. Connor was already pretty far gone and Katie was just being sad to be sad. But I guess it helps to see a person. I joined in a bit and they included me, but I would have preferred if it hadn't occurred. I know alcohol is a depressant, but they used to be fun at parties. When it's the three of us...nope. And we could have gone out too! We were up until 4am and Katie did nothing! It would have been much more fun! But whatever... We went to bed and Connor was very affectionate, which I approved of. It was really cute.

Next day we woke up and left basically. We rode the metro to the airport and Connor saw us off. I was really sad to go, but what can you do? As we reached security, Connor called and told me I'd forgotten my university card in his wallet, so he ran up and gave it to me. Real sweetheart. After security, I walked up to a bench and waited for Katie to get through. A man was sitting on the bench who looked familiar, but I didn't think anything of it. Katie told me after she was done that it had been Al Franken. He was actually on the same plane as us. That made me feel kinda stupid, but whatever.
The plane ride back was awesome. It went very well and I wasn't scared at all. I looked out the window and everything. I actually enjoyed it. When we got back, Katie's mom picked us up and took us to a Greek restaurant, where I tried souvlaki. Then we headed back to school. Katie and I had some existential chats on the way back. She dropped me off and I was locked out of the apartment, so I had to ask my CA to let me in. Then I Skyped with Connor. Yep, as soon as I got back.

The next day was my birthday! My friends were nice to me all day! Not that they usually aren't, but it was a noticeable degree. Jaimee brought me homemade potpie, Hannah got me Les Mis on DVD, Joel got me and ice cream cake with Zuko's face on it, and Katie wrote me a really sweet note. I also got to see a concert by Abby Wolf and Her Claws and Dessa! It was amazing!

Yesterday was standard and today was Katie's senior sem. She did very well and I was proud.

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