Alright, I'm going to use proper grammar and punctuation in this entry.
I'm getting better, and I'm getting better because when I don't thing of you, I think of an older crush.
Maybe, maybe not. It's hopeless either way. laugh
But I'm moving on rather fast and quickly.
I'm still keeping the songs we fawned over together,
and I'm keeping that song that i wrote for you as a memory of this relationship.
I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to forget you forever, because, those 2 months were so puppy-lovey-dovey-ish. xD
I can't even. Lol.
So yeah, hope you are happy right now.
I don't want to regret that relationship.
It was a nice one ! (:
I'm almost able to be out of your life so you don't continue your sorrow, and usage of girls. I hope you can just stop playing with them, for they are human beings with feelings. Giving false hope, or using them, don't do that.
Can you do that for me as a last favor?
If you ever do read this. xD
I don't know. I'll probably make Danny make you read it.
You'll probably break down again after seeing the other ones, I don't know.
But that's my final message about you. I'll probably be making 2 more entries until I'm finally over you.
Took me about half a year to get over you last year, I completely forgot about you to be honest at that time.
Now, I'll just let go.
But please do that favor I asked of.
You and Sharon are a result of what happened from that action. Whether you are hurt or not, don't. If you are bottling up everything, write it down like I did. Or tell someone. Don't be a party-pooper. Don't try to destroy friendships so easily. And think about what you're going to say before you say it.
This will probably save a lot of your relationships, or not. Who knows.
We have a future lying ahead for us. ^^
Bye now~