Often, too often maybe, in my previous entries, I have mentioned a guy whom I refer to as number nine.

Now, number nine DOES have a name. I don't know if I ever mentioned it or not.. I'm not going to say it in this entry, regardless. Anyways, ever since volleyball season, which is near the beginning of the school year, I've been calling him number nine.

This was, if it isn't obvious enough, based on his volleyball jersey number.

I have known number nine since eighth grade. Back then, the two of us were in the same class, 8B; the better class, if I do say so myself, and I do say so.

I wasn't his bestfriend, probably, but we were decently close. Every math class, he'd borrow my spare pencil. He'd use my eraser and my calculator every now and then.

Number nine and I, along with three other people, were the head of the math class.

Ever since I was a kid, I've excelled at math. Something about its concepts just... make sense.

So the five of us were seated together in math class. I called number nine by his name during this time.

In fact, the way the class was split was, conveniently, so that his name and my name were beside each other. Do you know what that means?

It means in majority of our classes, we sat beside each other. the only classes that I can recall where we weren't side by side were option classes.

I was in band and art. He was in art and drama. Although we both took art, we both took it in different slots in the time schedule.

I didn't like-like him then. Heck, he was so normal then. One day, on March 29th, I began my experiments on him.

It was amazing, the results I got from him. I learned a lot about how certain people would react to certain situation, and I was able to conduct a year-long test to see how he'd change. He showed such dramatic outcomes that I was compelled to conduct more.

In my test notes, I referred to him as "the subject."

Like, "today, the subject did not notice so and so and stuff."

Even in reality, I didn't address him by name. I just said, "Hey," and continued from then.

This year, I seemed to have lost the ability to say his name. It's not a pronunciation problem, it's more of... a mental barrier. I can't bring myself to address him properly.

It's embarrassing, it really is.

"Oh? Who wants it?"

"Number nine does."

"...Who's number nine?"

"Number nine is.. Number nine is.. Number nine is number nine, that's who."

Yeah. I can't say his name. It's like, his real name isn't his actual name in my head anymore.

To number nine, I'm sorry I can't say your name. emotion_8c Now, if only you could just respond to number nine, that'd be great. emotion_c8

Anyways, yeah. Isn't it weird how this guy, who I've known for so long, can have such an effect of my brain? But, eh. Thanks for reading my entry, btw. Good night if it's nighttime! emotion_zzz Until next time!

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