I was working on this but i gave up 3 months ago. It's not organized so it might be hard to understand. Think of each stanza as it's own chapter.

Just a Man

A heart full of love
Which he cannot see
A limber body in chains
He who drowns in the sea

Life full of misery
Clouding his road with a defying mist
Wounded up to the high tide

Chained to a unman boat a drift
Darkness gathers at the bottom
Tugging on to the man
A Heart fighting till its last beat

This Man is like no other
Born upon the complications of man
Simple as he can only see
Fear of his limited capabilities
Complicated in all other eyes
Unknowing of his capability

Limits reached unveiled to the man
A Wall of his defenses collapsing
Vulnerable the man heads out for new settlement
Knowing of the dangers that this world offers

Diseases of man plague these lands
The man slowly tainted and polluted
In attempt to save himself he covers his eyes

Blinded by his own means
See’s the work of uncertainty he leaves behind
Along with pile of broken glass
The remains of a mirror
Now reflects the fragments of his mind
Engraved of the memories the man faced

His mind shattered
His mind scattered

Thus to the water he waits
His salvation unreachable by his faith
The Man suffers alone
His will leads him to all eternity

He left his sanctum to enter a world
Which forms these roads he walks on
Easily disguised miss lead this man

Still holding his breath and his heart
Swaying a forth in the water
Chains slowly withering away
Light of the sun fades away
Darkness begins to engulf the man
In final attempt he extends his arm the top

The time seemed endless
The man encounters her
Statue unlike any other her beauty
She stood upon fork road
The man dumbstruck of her Alien like nature
He rested by the statue
The time seemed to near

The light began to glimmer