Been awhile since I've done one of these.

So I have bit of a rant. Don't you hate when you have an idea... one that isn't done very often... and it's nigh impossible to find someone to do said RP idea?

Recently I've been having a craving for something Kaiju-Themed. Now what's a Kaiju?

Giant Freaking Monsters

Now granted my main Ultraman-esque plot is a bit loose and is in need of tweeks but it took awhile to find someone interested. Now please understand my frustration. I have a neat idea for something that hasn't been done a lot in roleplays. And when I try to find someone to RP it with, all they ever want to do is the usual generic stuff. Scene kids, Real Pictures, Steampunk, Elementals, and a lot of stuff that very well fits into the Kaiju genre but thanks to ******** certain books and TV shows and such it has to be all 'Drama Teenagers'.

But that's not my main gripe. Not at all. Minor frustration, you get over it and move on.

Now I won't point fingers or say the name of this person, however I managed to convince someone to RP with me. But the entire time she seemed kinda... uninterested. But I do my best to please her but everytime something happens, she has to question the physics and the reality based issues of certain things. And she always did it in such a snidy condescending tone.

'How can that suit make him grow to their size?'
'How can they move so fast while so big?'
'How can that monster breath fire?'

Now of course I do my best to explain. But please remember. This is the Kaju genre we're talking about it. Go watch any Godzilla movie or Gamera flick or watch episodes of Ultraman and you'll see... it's just goofy fun. The big s**t kicker came when she messaged me saying that basically, she was never interested in the RP at all and even flat out said the entire idea was stupid... and proceeded to block me before I could reply.

Okay I'm sorry I'm not into big angsty RPs. I'm sorry for wanting to try something unique on Gaia! Oh I'm so sorry I committed the big sin of not making my character have a shitty past. ******** sick of this s**t.