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Today I made up ...
Legacy Of Mana: Chapter 1: A Party of Sorts

Jace walked through the large, double iron doors. The doors were ornately carved from the finest and shiniest iron and steel, most likely of Dwarf-make. There were no better crafters than dwarves. The doors were emblazoned with a rectangular banner on each, ending in a point on the bottom. The banners were blue, with gold trim. In the center of each was a gold lion, rearing on it's hind legs. Riding the lion was a lancer, his lance pointing straight up to an eight-pointed star. The star, unlike the blue-and-gold style of the rest of the banner, was a bright and shiny red color.
Jace didn't pay much attention to them. He had passed these doors millions of times and seen the banners, not to mention having seen the banners all around the city. After all, the banners where the official colors of King Solenus VII, Hero of the Allies. And this was the Royal City, Galadrius.
However, Jace had never entered these doors. These doors led to a ritual chamber. This ritual chamber was something only seen by those who graduated the Academy to join the Military of the Allies. Jace had taken his classes in the Academy for 4 years, mastering the most basic of Mana usage and physical combat. He graduated the same time as most others, the age of 14.
He continued into the grand hall. It was high-ceiling, again ornately carved stone and stained glass windows. At the end of the hall was a raised podium with a brazier. The brazier was filled with firewood.
Jace, and the other graduates who had entered with him, lined up in formation in front of the raised platform. Jace kept his hood down, though normally he had it up. It was massive disrespect to cover your head in a line-up.
Jace was tall for his age, almost 6 foot. However, he was never the tallest of the class, and he was skinny. Scrawny, even. He'd always had average strength, but that wasn't were his talents lied. He had long, messy black hair that went just past his ear, but the bangs on one side went down over his right eye. He was pale-skinned, and on his face he had a unique tattoo. Two white stripes went down his face from his hairline, over his left eye, and down the side of his neck. He'd never really bothered with it, simply accepting that is was there for show. His eyes were a brilliant dark blue, and were deep.
He wore a black combat uniform that consisted of cargo pants and a black shirt. Over this, he wore a blue and white-lined cloak. The hood would normally go over his head, as preferred, but as explained earlier...
A man wearing a black cloak walked out onto the raised platform. "Students." the man said, addressing the children before him.
"I welcome you to the Army of His Majesty King Solenus VII. You have done your training in the Academy. You have learned the basis of all combat in the World, from might to magic. Yet this is not the end. This is the beginning." The man turned to the large brazier. He placed a hand to his mouth and inhaled deeply. He exhaled and a stream of fire blew from his mouth towards the brazier. The flame circle the wood and set in on fire, burning easily. The man faced the students. "The application of Mana is not simple, but to the Masters, it is as easy as tying your shoes. You will continue to learn, but first you must prove your allegiance." He called up a person at the end of the line. They walked up and held out their right hand. "Our symbol is permanent, and may it always remind you of the honor that is the Kingdom of Artrera." The man pulled a pair of tongs from the flames and placed the burning ends around the boy's ring finger. He clamped down in the tongs, branding a ring onto him. The boy's eyes showed his pain as he grimaced slightly.
Each graduate took his or her turn climbing up the steps to be branded. While painful, each student was overjoyed to have taken this great step towards success. The students returned to the line-up as they finished with the burn. The Master who was graduating them stood in front of them and crossed his right arm over his chest, his fist closed. The students copied his actions. He spoke.
"We are the Elite. We are the strong and the proud. To protect the good from injustice, we are Elite."
"We are the Elite." echoed the graduates. Their arms went to their sides.
"You have graduated!" said the Master loudly. "You are officially Novices. Leave this hall proud and celebrate!'
Jace smirked. They all left the hall and began talking and laughing. Jace in particular stepped outside into the sun-lit road. He pulled his hood up over his head.

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