Ok. Now for the next chapter. "Rainbow Rage." The group look around. Rainbow Dash was trying to fight off the mutations. "Die already! Why are therr so many?!" The group walks over to her. Fluttercorpse grabs a knife. "Need...Ummm...Help?" She still hated fighting but she hated the idea of a friend dying more. Rainbow Dash runs up and hugs her."Fluttershy! Twilight! Gigglepie you're here too?!"
Gigglepie smiles. "Of course. We all agreed to help you. Right mommy?"she picks up a pipe. Pinkiepie picks up a tazer thing. "This looks ussful."{Often attached to enemies in Rise of nightmares. When you kill the enemy you get their weapons if they have any.} Twilight nervously picks up the explosive liguid vials. "This seems like the right choice for me......Rainbow Dash.....Your blade is a front leg from one of those things huh?"{The Blade Arm. Very useful but Blade Leg was a more appropriate term hear.} "Yeah. It's helped so far. So where you going?" Fluttercorpse smiles."My house. You can come with." Rainbow Dash glares at Fluttercorpse."You didn't think of finding Apple Jack and Rarity first?! Not to mention Scootaloo Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle are out there somewhere! We got to find them first!" Fluttercorpse looks sad. A single tear running down her cheek. Rainbow Dash goes over and hugs her. "Hey. I'm sorry. Lets just go rescue the others first though ok?" Fluttercorpse hugs back. "O....Ok."
So....The next one is another My Sims. This one titled "The victim."
I'm a victim to the My Sims game and I'm here to warn you....Don't play. Let me explain. I was playing it as usual. Nothing weird. Then I moved in Morcubus and now I'm sucked in the game as my vamp character Ray. If you do play the game I warn you.....Donmt move Morcubus in.{Well. I really did a unique one here. Not even I knew I was gonna have it be a Rays origins theory.}