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Erogenous Entries
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My personal highlight of this year's Easter Event.
My first ever Poetry BattleS! blaugh
Yes! There were TWO! blaugh

Prodigal trailblazer

This is song to our brave anti-cute Warriors...

We drink to our youth, and to days come and gone.
For the age of obsession is now nearly done.

We'll drive out the Diedrich from this land that we own.
With our blood and our bombs we will take back our home.

All hail to EB! You masculine thing!
In your great honor destruction we bring.

We're the children of Gaia, and we fight all our lives.
And when EB beckons, every cute thing shall die!

But this land is ours and we'll see it wiped clean.
Of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams

Erogenous Jones

Well now that is just plain wrong, and let me tell you why (in song wink )

♫ ♪ ♫
Life's far too short to live in hate
To use our few breaths to berate
The sweet things that make life worthwhile
To forego any chance to smile

Time passes faster than you'd think
A lifetime's gone before you blink
And once it's gone, it's gone for good
Don't leave a scar where once you stood

Don't revel in the noxious cause
Of EB and his dour outlaws
Embrace instead, the joyous side
Come ride with Waffles as he glides

And spreads his cuteness cross the land
With Chicks and Bunnies, make your stand!
Dance to the Cute Side's happy rythm
Send EB home (and Diedrich with him xp )
♫ ♪ ♫
Prodigal trailblazer

This is a song to our brave anti-cute warriors

Our Hero, our Hero, wields Robotic heart
I tell you, I tell you, the Easter Bunny comes
With a bomb which to blow all cute things apart
Believe, believe, the Easter Bunny comes

It's an end to the cuteness of all Gaia's foes
Beware, beware, the Rabbots do come
For the Sillyness has passed and the legend yet grows
You'll know, you'll know, the Easter Bunny's come

Though waffles gets weary, and fluffs get thrown
Beware, beware, the Rabbots do come
And Diedrich pretends he owns the throne
Believe, believe, the Easter Bunny comes

Thread to thread the battle still goes
Beware, beware, the Rabbots do come
We'll stand so proud above our fell foes
Believe, believe, the Easter Bunny comes

Erogenous Jones

Oh proud Eternal Bully
Oh unrepentant child
Not searing pain, nor passing years
Have made your rage more mild.

For you, no introspection
Not once have you asked why.
You merely seek to spread your pain
To any who pass by.

Sins carried out in childhood
Have borne a bitter fruit
The taste yet lingers on your tongue
And so you blame the cute.

But we will rise to meet you.
We cute, and small, and meek
Like other despots of your ilk
You see the kind as weak.

But hold Eternal Bully
Pause in your metal skin
Our cuddly, warm demeanor
Belies the strength within.

Where you lash out in anger
We fight with righteous cause
And surety when all is done
You'll fall 'neath velvet paws.

For cuteness is forever
While metal surely rusts
Sweet Waffles will go flying on.
Long after you are dust.

Prodigal trailblazer

With Metal hands that will not break
Rightfully ours is what we take
Diedrich devours all he sees
and bringeth with him a disguised disease.

The weak minded flock to his side
but we see what he would hide
Cuteness fades before metal rusts
And EB is the one we can trust

A Resident false president sparked this war
Attempting to take even more than before
Annoying pestilence trying to take this holiday
By the true mascots abs, we'll blow the pretender away.

Erogenous Jones

Let not the message e'er be lost
Though it be mired in cloud.
We're not one man, nor grunny sir,
We are a growing crowd

Who seek to shake the shackles
Of tyranny and hate
While true our "leader" may be flawed
The message remains great.

We don't cast our frustrations
On those who've caused no ill.
We don't deny our failings
Yet we rise above them still

That you would take with sinew
We give with open hearts
The dividends of kindness
Long outlive metal parts

So give not your allegiance
To one who's earned it not
Lest you yourself fall victim
To the metal-clad despot.

Prodigal trailblazer

A greater wordsmith than I, but my allegiance stays strong
But at the end of this war, only one of us will sing songs

Erogenous Jones

They say history is written, by those who've won the day
And as such, I'm sure one kitten, will have a lot to say.
And those who struggled valiantly, no matter what their side
Will surely think back on that day, and feel a sense of pride.
And so sir, I salute you, and offer this last thought
Let never hatred tear apart, what kindness has once wrought.

Thanks for the poetry battle. It was fun! blaugh


Easter came with a bright and sunny aura
The Easter Bunny hopped through the green grass and flora.
But soon Anti-Cute renegades tromped through the flower's bed
Bombs exploded everywhere tinting the meadow red.

Robot warriors marched in line,
Robo fiends too came in time.
Rabbot roared with mighty rage,
Revenge leaking through his heart's cage.

Rage, rage, his blood plates cried!
An Egg to twist with hate and pride.
The Anti-Egg born with tears and sweat,
The Anti-Cute Egg with a full venom set.

EB, Gaia and Gaiaonline,
Colored Eggs, yes, Eggs! on which all will dine.
Mecha monsters, Ultra Satan, Waffles true Lament,
For Anti has come to rule this world
And Cute forced to repent!

Diedrich shakes and Waffles the Cat quakes
Ultra Satan is having his time.
Anti-uber-cuteness has grown in power and strength
So cuteness, be prepared to DIE!

Erogenous Jones

Although it seems Team Cute's defeat may well be close at hand.
No Tinpot Tyrant nor his kind, can wipe Cute from the land.
Just as the flowers go to sleep when winter follows fall,
They wake once more when spring returns, and spread their joy to all.

So too will Cuteness persevere, so too will Cuteness rise
Though it take weeks, or even years, to dispel Bunny lies.
So take heart fellow Cuties, the war's not truly lost
As long as we stay faithful, no matter what the cost.

Hold close to you the memories of all that you hold dear.
Remember kitten's velvet paws, and bunny's silken ears.
And know you that this winter, of "Anti" discontent
Will yield once more to summer, once it's venom's all been spent.

So do not weep sweet Gaians, we Cute will rise once more!
The Fluffs will waft in summer's breeze, and Waffles once more soar.
The Dark can't last forever, all tyrants surely fall.
Truly eggs which hatch midst sorrow, are the sweetest eggs of all!


The strongest of the weak attempt to be reprieved
But every soulful word will only leave them grieved.
Fight on though they may with a final valiant stand
They cannot hide their tired eyes nor their shaking hands.

Cuteness has been conquered, their cause brought to an end
For only on EB and his legion has victory come to descend.
But do not weep dear cute ones for your tears will fall in vain
You never had a flying chance, your leaders have been slain.

Some winters cannot be weathered, some chills may not be withstood
This talk of spring and revival will not do you any good.
Perseverance will lead to disappointment, struggle met with dread
Your efforts have been made empty, your cause is now found dead.

Come! Come! My Anti brothers with bombs and heads held high
Your work has left a lasting mark, your glory no one can deny.
Hail to EB and his cold Rabbot fiends whose vengeance has been made whole
Goodbye cutie warriors, Come anti-comrades, let's finish this tale of gold!

Erogenous Jones

It's said "Hope springs eternal", and "Time will heal all wounds"
We live to fight another day, though on this day we've swooned.
The thing about a message, the miracle of thought...
They cannot die by strength of limb, nor any weapon wrought.

The tighter that you squeeze us, the more slip through your grasp.
We hold our ideals gingerly, but firmly in our clasp.
We're tempered by our battles, made stronger by the fight.
We'll never give the struggle up. We know that we are right.

And too, we've seen the Bully, the fear he tries to hide.
It's true perhaps his shell is steel, but he's quivering inside.
And like so many bullies, when once is met his bluff
His acolytes will also see, he hasn't got the stuff.

So revel in the moment. I'm sure the taste is sweet.
But know as each day passes, you come closer to defeat.
The EB's inner weakness means he'll ultimately fail.
Even glistening metal armor, can't protect a heart so frail.

And on that day, we Cuties, we who maintain the faith
Will burst forth from our slumber, and claim our rightful place.
You can't defeat a notion, you cannot kill ideals.
There's strength in our devotion, far stronger than your steel.


It has also been said many a time that "Faith without action is dead"
To think your ideals will win the battle, I'm afraid you've been misled.
Go ahead and conjure up your miracles and boldly declare your thoughts
They are as sturdy as a windblown reed and reliable as casting lots.

Fear and strength are intertwined, inseparable as PB&J
Yes, EB quivers from time to time, but his skills come in quite an array.
We take our weakness and turn it into weapons, their swiftness tried and true
We solidify our fear and hate and transform them into a glorious coup.

You cannot weaken my triumphant call no more than I can thwart your confidence.
I can only bid may the Rabbots come to have mercy that exceeds your impudence.
Your faith and hope are admirable, your words demand respect
But in the end your verse is futile and your prose will have no affect.

Erogenous Jones

T'was many tyrant thought his reign would last a thousand years.
Made blind by pride and deafened by sycophantic cheers.
I'm sure that they were quite surprised when the winds of change swept through.
It's happened countless times before to stronger men than you.

And once the storm's subsided, and the Bully's time is done,
The Cute will once again be free to bask in Gaia's sun.
It's been this way since time began, strong subjugate the meek
And yet the meek always survive, so who my friend is weak?

To prey on other beings has never made one strong.
True strength lies deep within one's self, not in a rabid throng.
Delude yourself if so you must, but mark my warnings well.
All empires must return to dust, all Devil's to their Hell.

The world will go on spinning long after we are gone
And only history will say, which side was right or wrong.
But we who chose the side of Cute, the side of warmth and love.
Will learn of history's judgement, as we watch from Up Above.

Two excellent opponents, and even if my side lost in the end, who can complain about an Event that produces such impassioned debate! blaugh

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Apr 01, 2013 @ 02:46am
That DOES look like fun! haha

commentCommented on: Mon Apr 01, 2013 @ 02:51am
IKR...poetry battles are hard to come by in an Event Forum, but I get one every now and then, and win or lose, it's always a blast. smile

Erogenous Jones
Community Member
Prodigal trailblazer
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Apr 02, 2013 @ 04:00am


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