1) the worst pain is when you are only smiling to keep the tears from falling

2) dont fall in love. fall off a bridge, it hurts less.

3) we never move on. we just get used to the pain.

4) i wanna tell you how much a adore you. but i dont have the courage to do it.

5) im done trying. if you want me in your life tell me. bye.

6) just because i "got over you" doesnt mean there arent days when it all comes rushing back.

7) sometimes its so hard, i just want to unmeet you.

cool a promise means everything, but once its broken, it means nothing.

9) you might have loved and lost once, but that doesnt mean you cant love another

10) there is a weird pleasure in lving someone who doesnt love you.

11) when i fell for you, i fell HARD.

12) after all this time, its still you. always had been. always will be.

13) i've lost somebody who wasnt even mine.

14) everybody needs somebody. i need you.

15) no person has the right to rain on my dreams. so why do i let you???

16) you take my mind off the bad stuff, so if i told you youre the one, would you believe me?

17) i lost my teddy. will you snuggle with me tonight?

1 cool love is just love. it can never be explained.

19) one day you will look back on the little things in life and realize they were the big things.

20) if he is dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go.