Said and done, as quick as that
An experience not gone unseen,
I opened up my world to you,
But things began to lean.

In a state of solid comfort
I thought you were my rock,
But in the midst of a quiet night,
It had all fallen apart.

Here one day,
Gone the next,
I only wish I knew
Why you made the choice you did,
Maybe then I could understand, too.

From the heart or not,
I guess I'll never know.
Pleas of insanity
You gave to me
Perhaps it was just for show.

I knew it was all too good to be true,
But I'm sorry for the pain [that I've caused you].
Holding you back was so unfair,
I need you to know that I still do care.
I still cherish our moments, our laughs, our time
The times when I used to call you mine.

Your sweet voice still echoes near,
Yet it is oh so painful to hear.
I wish it would stop,
I want it to end,
When it comes down to it,
Are we even friends?

I don't understand how this came to be;
All of the things you said to me
Seemed to be so crystal clear,
But everything is not as it seems,
For I was not endeared.

Spare yourself the goodbyes,
Spare yourself the tears,
Give me my "I love you"s,
And turn them [back] into fears.

**MAV** For Joshua. </3