Ok. Done with Carebears ones for now. Time for Twilight Pinkiepie Fluttercorpse and Gigglepie. "Ernst strikes again."
"Well we must be....." Ernst appeared and knocked me out. When I awoke I was strapped to a table. He wasn't just gonna make me a victim. I was to become cupcakes. I struggle. Tne straps cutting into my chest. It hurt alot but I was free. The straps on my chest left a mark. It was an X. I ran back towards Fluttercorpses house. Hoping the others were there. Killing anyone who attacked me.
Ok. My Sims time....Hmmm....I did Clara. I did Dolly. I did Violet. I did Shirley. Oh yeah. Beans next.
So Bean was a child actor but he still looks like a child so how come he can't still act as a child actor? Well my opinon they found out his age and fired him and he killed them all. He can never go back to acting again.
I keep forgetting my next Yuki theory I think. She's a BEK.(Black Eyed Kid in case you don't know.} At least BEKs look like innocent kids.