▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ρ є r ѕ σ η α ℓ • ∂ α т α|├▬
Full Name: Heero Kazume { Legal Name }
Nickname: "Usiel Uchiha" { Known Name }

Age: 14
Birthdate: June 6th
Gender: Male

Height: 5'1''
Weight: 156lbs

Nindo: "Those who choose war are fools, fighting kills our kind and make the people suffer. The key to a true land, is unity and prosperity. Resolve conflict with words not steel."
Personality: If there is one thing that is certain about Usiel, its that he does everything for himself. Not to say that he is particularly selfish, but lets be honest here: “Who can you trust in a world full of shinobi?”. From friends to family, the thread of trust is always thin, and even the smallest acts could snap the thread. One may find the boy to be quite covetous about sharing his things, and mayhap(s) find him a bit territorial. It would be best for one to avoid scolding his things, or stepping on his property for that matter - if they vale their lives in any way, shape, or form.

Being brought up a fighter, the boy has constantly been fed the concept of the weak are food for the strong, an analogy comparing defeat to victory. Because of this, Usiel has centered himself around being all things opposite weak and its synonyms. Strong, Elite, Powerful: those are probably the three words that Usiel centers himself around in terms of shinobi skill, which relates back to the analogy earlier. Brought up with the attitude of his father, the if the boy ever finds himself in a position where he could be deemed “weak”, or “unworthy” - per say , there is no doubt that he would do anything to increase in skill, which could range from all types of things, such as training to get stronger, or simply eliminating the competition - permanently.

Independence: it is something the boy like, yearns, craves for. The boy doesn’t mind following another being, as long as he has a decent amount of freedom and power. In all honesty, Usiel feels that he flourishes best when there are no boundaries, but even then the aid of leadership can often keep him in line for doing “stupid“ things, otherwise keeping his rather zig-zag line lifestyle erector than usual. To put it simply, Usiel likes the idea of being a leader, having his own little minions to push around, but has come to savior the idea that being strong, with an ally the same strength ( or slightly lower/higher) is the best way to go about life. If it wasn’t apparent, Usiel is very confident in himself (like most of his kin), and can often be deemed a rather prideful being.

Usiel’s emotions are under control ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, and only rarely does that one percent ever present itself. Despite being exposed to a bunch there is one poison that will never touch his body without being controlled and its amount limited: Adrenaline. This “poison” has been known to cloud one’s mind and judgment, and often make one do things that perhaps they shouldn’t. By keeping this contained, the boy has found his life rather joyful and without chaos for the most part.

Usiel may be a confident one, yet he acts lazy and does not show his true potential. Usually acting quiet and secluded from people, generally acting like a complete mute person. Until someone pisses him off...

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin / Stealth Corps.
Class: Ninjutsu


Attire - Basic Outing Clothes

Head - Heero wears his headband along his forehead with pride, the same headband given to him since he was but a child at the age of twelve. The headband was grown through the years with newer and longer fabric that reaches down to his mid back, the same length as his own hair. Usually, but not all the time is a long silk scarf that is wrapped around his neck covering his face, and neck many times over. The scarf itself is the size of ten feet in length by one foot wide. The scarf he wears is the only memento given to him by his own mother so the warrior is compelled to carry the scarf at all times. If the scarf is not found around his face, usually one can clearly see it around his waste as he wears it like a sash. Covering his eyes, or around his neck are dark goggles that covers the eyes wrapping around the head ensuring that the goggles cannot be knocked off. The Dark Goggles black in color are used to cover his eyes. This was to help him fight against his enemies whenever Heero felt compelled to use the sharingan without having the user knowing who he was, and what he was.

Torso - Wearing a series of clothing to keep himself cool and move about without restriction Heero wears a bit of loose fitted clothing. The first thing is a black netted shirt that fits along his body like under armour contouring his upper body. The gear is used to keep his body in a constant cool stasis ever adapting to the weather when it changes from cold to warm and warm to cold. The netted under armour is a type of clothing he has worn since he was a child. The size may have been changing, but the design has not. What is worn over the under armour is a khaki vest that has no real specifications or uniqueness except keeping the arms cool and giving slight protection against the natures of the desert such as the hot sun or wind.

Lower Body - The lower body is quite simple, loose, yet fitted clothing to keep the cool in, and keep the warm out. The "boxers" he wears are the same design as that of his shirt, under armour. This just as his shirt is designed the same way keeping the cool air in, and keeping the heat out. Over the under armour boxers is a nice fitted baggy khaki pants. The shoes he wears are not the standard issued sandals given to every ninja in existence. Instead, he takes the pride of wearing something more comfortable for his feet, and these are beige "military" styled boots with steal toe on the front with a metal plate along the back for added protection. It is best to keep the toes safe then to have a miscalculated situation making the person crippled.

Basics ~

Heero’s basic attire are the colors of the sands and mountains which usually consists of light to dark browns, to light shades of grays to white, as well as shades of reds within. Even though Heero was raised in the country of Wind it has always been known that he enjoys to keep cool in other means then his co-workers found within the same village. These means are means of wearing clothing such as armour as well as headbands and/or turbans with a sash on the back of the head that drapes down to Heero’s mid-back. The colors of the Sands are considered as “cool” colors as well as colors to allow Heero to blend in without to much difficulty in the country he was raised in.

Shirts consist of T-s with simplistic logs to wife beaters in the color of black. Vests run in different sizes and designs as well consisting of different colors and Indian style designs. Pants are always and will always be “cargo” pants, or “BDUs”. Reasons why is because of the fact that no matter what kind Heero gets or what kind of design Heero may get they will always be comfortable, and even though comfortable means to be in a rut, there is no need to change one’s design of clothing for any purpose when the main purpose identifies to that person.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c σ м в α т • ∂ α т α|├▬
Bloodline: Uchiha - Sharingan Two Tomoe

Chakra Pool: 375%
Chakra Color: Light Blue
Chakra Element: Fire , Lightning

• All rounded Combat, nin, gen, and tai
• Heavy Hitting
• Long Range Combat
• Drawn out battles
• Spiders
• Claustrophobia

• Combat Expertise { Usiel is a all rounded fighter, allowing him to learn 1 bukijutsu style and 1 taijutsu style. }
• Precise Mind { Usiel's role in using the Uchiha styles has fine tuned his chakra control when it comes to using his blood line techniques. Usiel is a expert of his trade. All Bloodline techniques require -1 rank of chakra to use and the Sharingan doesn't need a Hand Seal to activate, in addition of this, the Sharingan drains only half of what it usually does. Example: One Tomoe = 10% to 5%. . }
Earned Attributes:
-Survivalist: You have become resiliant to the elements. Elemental jutsu effect you as if one rank lower.
-Interrogation resistance training: You are tough shell to crack. Unless you want to talk your captors are going to have a hard time making you.

Class Attribute:
• Learn Ninjutsu [1] Post Faster
• Ninjutsu Restriction Split Amongst Elements
• C. Attribute 1 - Quick Hands: Jutsu performance speed slightly increased
• C. Attribute 2 - Secret Drop: Backup reserve of [25] chakra.

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|c α r є є r • ∂ α т α|├▬
Ryo: 両 500

Missions Complete:
D Rank :: 0 {All start at zero}
C Rank :: 0
B Rank :: 0
A Rank :: 0
S Rank :: 0

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ω є α ρ σ η • ∂ α т α|├▬
Weapon Type: Katana
Weapon Range: 70.6 cm
Weapon Weight: 3.8lbs
Weapon Location: Left Hip
• {When you create your profile, you may have any one basic weapon.)


Summoning Type: --
Summon Sage: --
Pacts: --

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|ι η ν є η т σ r у|├▬
• Windmill Shuriken x 4
• Smoke Bombs x 4
• Kunai x 10
• Bomb Tags x 8
• Flak Jacket
• Metal Wire <800 feet> x 1
• Utlility Knife <Tanto> x 1
• Goggles x 1

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|т є c н η ι q υ є ѕ|├▬
▬▬┤|N i n j u t s u

Maruton {Start with the following six only}
• Henge no Jutsu [Transformation Technique]
• Kawarimi no Jutsu [Substitution Technique]
• Bushin no Jutsu [Clone Technique]
• Suimen Hokou no Waza [Act of Water Surface Walking]
• Kinobori no Waza [Act of Tree Climbing]
• Kai [Release]
-Ayatsuito no Jutsu [String Reeling Technique]
-Nawanuke no Jutsu [Escaping Skill]
-Tanukineiri no Jutsu [Feigning Sleep Technique]
-Kanashibari no Jutsu [Temporary Body Paralysis Technique]
-Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu [Haze Clone Technique]
-Shunshin no Jutsu [Body Flicker Technique]
-Sakura Fubuki no Jutsu [Cherry Blossom Snow Storm Technique]
-Soushuriken no Jutsu [Manipulate Shuriken Technique]
Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu [Crow Clone Technique]
Sanzengarasu no Jutsu [Scattering One Thousand Crows Technique]

•. Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu (Fire Release: Cinder Technique)
-Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu (Mist Waltz Technique)
-Katon: Bounetsu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Flame-Resistance Technique)
-Katon: Shi (Fire Release: Four)
-Katon: Kita no Jutsu (Fire Release: Aerial Explosion Technique)
-Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)
-Katon: Go (Fire Release: Five)
-Gouryuuka no Jutsu (Great Dragon Fire Technique)


Kyuushi Sword Techs.
None So Far

Character: Heero Uchiha
Technique Name: Ghost/Fake Ninjutsu
Rank: E-SS+ (Depending on what jutsu is being imitated )
Type: Genjutsu
Element: Universal
Description: The user must know and see the technique at hand that they wish. The type of technique that they are capable of copying is usually the basic types of techniques that do not have anything truly complicated within it. The user performs a few seals that are not that of what is done for the real technique. As the user does so they mimic the movements that are the same as that of the NinJutsu they wish to copy and simply do the effect of the technique. The biggest problem really is the fact that the technique does not do any damage. This technique is not an eye technique however, this technique is a body technique this means that if the opponent looks at the user the technique would simply show its face, but if the opponent was not looking at the user, it would seem as if the user was simply doing nothing just making hand gestures. The user must learn each rank to be capable of mimicking the same ranks. The genjutsu creates and mimics a ninjutsu skill that the user must -know- to make it look completely real, but once it comes to hit or block, it will simply phase through and disperse.

Example: Heero Kozume uses a fireball jutsu. He inflicts this illusion and imitates the jutsu's movement and typical usage. The fireball looks real, sounds real, and the effects it does appears real but it is all a trick of the mind's senses and play's on the fear. This is a good technique to fake someone out.

Character: Heero Kozume
Technique Name: Illusionary Sight: Handless Genjutsu
Rank: E-S+ < Treated as if a B Rank >
Type: Genjutsu--Passive
Description: <Passive Trait>
More like a trait then a jutsu. This is a skill that Heero is able to do for a multitude of reasons. The boy has a rare specailty to how he can use his own eyes to that which a regular Uchiha is not able to do on most cases. Heero has made his eyes the center of all of his tricks and it has been his signature trait for his eyes to cast a series of genjutsu arts. With the eyes revealed behind the Faux Dark Brown eyes, Heero focuses the genjutsu chakra behind his pupil and uses what is called a "sixth" sense measure to inflict the illusions through his eye sight. This has also been seen by several uchiha over the years and has been also done by the famous Itachi. Eye to Eye contact is not neccassarily needed for the eyes would only need to inflict the illusionary chakra to the target's senses, eye sight being one of them. Since a person has supposidely five senses, Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Hearing; Heero takes the genjutsu to the next level by attacking what is known as the Sixth Sense, or the brain itself. To do this, the eyes are what is called "Recepetors" of the brain. Heero's brain transmit the chakra and uses the eyes as a medium for the jutsu to take place. This technique is derived from the capability of the sharingan being able to pierce genjutsu and even reverse an opponent's gen upon themselves. The tomoe(s) of the eye(s) revolve in a counterclockwise like manner, once every second for about three seconds, making it three revolutions. During that time, the eyes must stay in contact of the general area of the opponent's brain. After the "lock-on" is in place, the genjutsu is then done as if it was done by hand.

Of course, the trait is also limited to many things on how the Uchiha can do the genjutsu. Regarding to how many tomoe an Uchiha has, it depends on what Genjutsu they may inflict. It is also known that a Uchiha must compensate for the lack of seals with the memory of the words and how the chakra is effectively channeled through the seals. Thus, the more complicated the jutsu, the more chakra it will require in addition to the original amount one may use normally with handseals.

Cost: E Rank + 5 Chakra to Original Cost
D Rank + 10 Chakra to Original Cost
C Rank + 15 Chakra to Original Cost
B Rank + 25 Chakra to Original Cost
A Rank + 40 Chakra to Original Cost
S Rank + 60 Chakra to Original Cost

Sharingan- Uchiha
• Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) .
-Housenka no Jutsu (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique)

-Hireki [Reveal]
The act of opening the first tomoe and activating the Sharingan...The user simply performs a set of handsigns and the eye gains its Sharingan characteristics...The first set of abilities drawn out by the Sharingan are not extensively for battle purposes, but are aimed more towards perception...
• Learned when Sharingan is first unlocked
• Active Sharingan can see through Genjutsu under rank C passively
• Drains [10] chakra every post

-Sharingan: Soufuusha Sannotachi [Sharingan: Windmill Triple Blade]

-Hireki: Tsui [Reveal: Pair]
The act of opening the second tomoe and activating the Sharingan...The user simply performs a set of handsigns and the eye gains its Sharingan characteristics...The second set of abilities granted by the additional tomoe are rather immense
• Active Sharingan are able to copy certain abilities
• Active Sharingan can see through Genjutsu under rank C passively
• Active Sharingan can tell if another person is trapped in a Genjutsu (Under Rank A)
• Active Sharingan can see a thin aura of chakra, preventing confusion construed by most clones
• Active Sharingan are able to detect different chakra signatures from far distances (Not as effective as Byakugan)
• Active Sharingan grants a good amount of prediction (Doesn't always mean the body can follow)
• Drains [20] chakra every post

-Sharingan: Manako Kireme Sougishiki [Sharingan: Eye Break Awaken]
Cursed Mark of Heaven - Stage One
• Activation = C Ranked Chakra

- Effects -
• Strength Increases 1 Rank (Gen ► Chu, Chu ► Jou, ext.)
• Speed Increases 1 Rank (Gen ► Chu, Chu ► Jou, ext.)
• Damage dealt by Ninjutsu increases 1 rank, up to B level (D ► C, C ► B, B ► A)
• Curse mark spreads on body almost like fire
• Chakra color changes to dark orchid

Lasts 10 posts (Rather than universal 15) •
Effects of Genjutsu drop 1 rank (B ► C, C ► D, ext.) •

▬▬┤|G e n j u t s u

• {If none, remove section}

▬▬┤|T a i j u t s u

{Kaiser Fist - Stage 4}
S t a g e O n e [1]
•Lightning Release: Stimulating Armor
Complex :: Rank C
A basic [ Armor ] technique developed by a master of the Kaiser Fist in order to allow his students to maintain their max potential. In a sense, it mimics the technique [ Raiton no Yoroi ] though on much a lower level. Rather than increasing the abilities of the user, it prevents them from becoming exhausted. It should also be noted that there is no noticeable physical difference while this technique is active.
• Lasts [14] posts.

S t a g e T w o [2]
Kaiser Crown
Simple :: Rank D
The user will thrust his head at his opponent with extreme force. The collision is enough to crack boulders and break bones without much recoil. However, if not protected by an [ Armor ] technique, the user may become dazed or completely stunned.

Elbow Bolt
Simple :: Rank D
The user will thrust his elbow at his opponent with extreme force. The collision is enough to crack boulders and break bones without much recoil. However, if not protected by an [ Armor ] technique, the user may take mirrored damage to their elbow.

Guillotine Drop
Simple :: Rank D
The user will manipulate falling moment to smash his heel onto his opponent. The collision is enough to crack boulders and break bones without much recoil. However, if not protected by an [ Armor ] technique, the user may take mirrored damage to their foot.

S t a g e T h r e e [3]
Lightning Oppression Horizontal
Complex :: Rank C
By sending a surge of chakra through a single arm, the user is able to deliver a powerful backhanded chop to his opponent. Because of the chakra boost, the strike is strong enough to split rib bones like dinner plates against stone.

Surprise Straight
Complex :: Rank C
By sending a surge of chakra through a single arm, the user is able to deliver a swift straight punch to his opponent. Because of the chakra boost, the strike is quick enough to seemingly come from nowhere. Though, stronger opponents may be able to detect it regardless.

S t a g e F o u r [4]
Lightning Release: Invigorating Armor
Complex :: Rank B
An advanced [ Armor ] technique developed by a master of the Kaiser Fist in order to allow his students to push their limits. Alike [ Stimulating Armor ] this technique prevents the user from becoming exhausted, however, it also grants a moderate boost to physical attack and defense. It should also be noted that while this armor is active, the user gives off a light aura of their corresponding chakra color.
• Lasts [10] posts.

Simple :: Rank B
The user charges at his opponent, striking them with a variation clothesline attack known as a lariat. The user aims to hit their opponent in the chest and neck with their arm, while also applying downward force to send them to the ground. With the benefits driven by the [ Armor ] techniques, this simple yet powerful technique can be made ever more deadly.

▬▬┤|B u k i j u t s u

{Juurai Toorima}
• Koutai no Tabi [Tabi Shift]
Rank E
An extraordinary easy to perform technique...The user will simply shift his feet, mainly using his knee joints for power, and side step without making a sound.

Endan no Jutsu [Smoke Bomb Technique]
Rank D
The user will begin by pulling a special smoke pellet from his person, he will then twirl it within his hand, normally bringing it up to his finger tips. He will proceed by slamming the pellet against the ground before him, causing the pellet to erupt into a decent sized smoke screen. During the brief moment the smoke screen is active, the user will attempt to retreat or attack, as their target will be somewhat disoriented. It should be noted that this special smoke pellet blurs the chakra network
• Badly effected by wind

[Ten Steel Wire Hostage]
Rank C
The user will throw both of his hands forward, projecting a two yard radius net of very thin steel wire. Anything caught within this net is wrapped, as the user pumps enough chakra through the steel to cause it to tie around anything it comes in contact with...This wire is sharp, capable of cutting deep into flesh, but not through bone
• Max range 20 yards
• Wire can be seen if opponent is focused or has Byakugan

Insen [Hidden Line]
Rank C
The user will attach a very thin line of fishing wire to a light projectile (shuriken or senbon) and toss the thing as if it were normal, however, they will intentionally miss- most likely causing the opponent to scoff or become slightly confused. Any moment during the projectile's flight, the user will tug the thin wire, causing it to fly back to the blind spot of the opponent, and finally into the user's grasp
• Wire can be seen if opponent is focused or has Byakugan

Fe-doauto [Fade Out]
Rank D
The user will begin by pulling a pair of special smoke pellets from his person, he will then twirl them within his hand, bringing the two between his finger tips. He will proceed by slamming the pellets against the ground before him, causing them to erupt into a decent sized smoke screen of two colors. During this time, the user will perform a handsign, channeling chakra throughout his body. When the user releases these signs, they will begin to seem to dissipate into the smoke, but in reality it is nothing more than a stationary afterimage, formed as the user dashes away. To simplify, this technique is more like a substitution that requires a smoke screen rather than an object to take the user's place
• Badly effected by wind

Funkei no Jutsu [Decapitation Technique]
Rank B
A ninja favorite...The user will begin by blurring his current position in any way possible- be it from his own smoke pellets, the terrain, or some other method. Whence his starting location has become obscured, he will proceed by tossing smoke pellets or any other tool at his target, in an attempt to further disrupt their sight. While the target is afflicted by the obscuring method, he will dash in as if a flicker- silent, lethal, precise...and draw his ninjato from its holster. The proceeding is predictable...either a failed assault, or the removal of a limb, more than likely the head

Takoage no Waza [Art of Kite Flying]
Rank B
The user will draw a special small piece of diamond-shaped fabric from his person and inject it with chakra, causing it to grow in size until it is roughly the size of the user. After doing this, he will attach himself to the large cloth kite by grabbed each corner with his hands and feet. Regardless of the users weight, the kite can then be used to glide long distances and escape certain situations using 'Kigen' lifting bursts
• Badly effected by wind
• Kigen lifting bursts use up a C ranked amount of chakra

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬┤|н ι ѕ т σ r у|├▬
“So how long will it take us to get here,” said a tall towering man, standing eight feet with spiked black hair going down just below his neck staring in the distance, eyes, emotionless, of boredom.

A small chuckle was heard as there standing next to him was another man, much smaller, perhaps six feet even, spiked hair just like the first, however his hair was quite short, with a single strand of hair braided on the right side of his head going down over his shoulder to his front end. “What getting bored already?” he asked.

A nod escaped the tall one.

“Come on son, hurry up we have a long way to go in order for us to reach your Uncle‘s house in Wind Country.” said the sweat mother of Heero with her long black hair swaying in the back reaching down to her lower back, giving the smile of the angels as a twinkle of light gleamed off of her eyes.

“Yes mama,” cheered the little Heero at the ripe, impressionable age of five at the time as he giggled holding his arms to his sides running around circles of his mother keeping his distance to not hit her as she walked forward.

“Hunny, this energy must be from your side of the family.” she said happily pointing to her son as he ran in circles around her.

The smaller of the two men turned to his right to look at the woman. Dark black goggles covering his eyes strapped around his head and the man just smiled. “I believe that energy is from your side.” he said softly before turning to his left to look at the tall man towering over the two giving out a loud yawn not even trying to cover his face as his eyes looked glazed over. “You know, Abaddon, you didn‘t have to come with us.” he continued looking at the tall lengthily yet built man.

“I know, but if I didn‘t come I know I would be even more bored.” the tall one spoke out answering the shorter. “So Mai, when are you having another.” he continued turning his head towards the young woman.

Turning her head a shade of red blew across her face as she flushed slightly. “I don‘t know, for now me and Apollo are happy with this little energetic guy.” she said in her soft angelic voice turning her head to the tall one as the child suddenly stopped beginning to walk backwards showing he was quite dizzy as words of “whoah“ “wow“ “oh“ kept uttering from the small child‘s lips before shaking his head running back towards his mother latching on her side.

“Well, we don‘t know, right now we are happy with just one,” exclaimed Apollo reaching up with his right hand adjusting his goggles. The four walked through the small openings, heading down the pathways. A gleam of light shined through the trees from up afar. Taking the steps, though acting quite calm they were indeed true ninjas. On the outside they were cool, calm and ever playful. However on the inside they were something more, ever watchful, all senses at their peak performance.

“So how far is it before we see uncle!” the little child said brightly as he ran into the clearing. “Come on papa!” he yelled out once more.

The tall man known as Abaddon gave a sly grin as he prodded Apollo’s shoulder. “Yeah pops how far is it.”

“Well son,” Apollo answered ignoring the jest of Abaddon as his wife slowly walked over to little Heero as the child looked up into the sky and all around noticing the beauty that Fire Country had to offer. “We must first cross The Country of Fire. Then we must then travel on through the Country of River. After we have gone through the Country of River we will finally have reached the Country of Wind. From there we will have to travel to Hitofuki which is the City Capital of Wind Country. There, Uncle Kyo will be waiting for us,” Apollo spoke out calmly speaking to his son as if he was a regular person. His thought process to his son Heero was to speak to him like a short adult, because even the tall ones can be quite childish and hard of learning. “Well, if we continue the way we are it will take us perhaps two weeks in order to get to Hitofuki. Now if we go faster, full speed, then it will take us perhaps three days.”

“Am I the problem?” little Heero asked worried with his eyes widening showing the cuteness face that were known within chibi characters as his eyes began to tear up. The sunlight gleamed down as they appeared in the opening, a little grassy knoll. Beautiful grass that raised up to knee high level, a good height to even keep a child of Heero’s size lost for a good few hours.

Abaddon slowly walked up to the kid as he reached out with his large right hand planting it on the child’s forehead before ruffling up his hair slightly. Mai walked over to her son as Abaddon continued to walk into the meadow looking around hearing the sounds of nature that carried around. Mai bent over getting onto one knee as she gently kissed her son’s forehead. “No silly, you are not, however we do need to get there fast, so please.” She said calmly in a lovely, caring voice as she slowly turned around extending her arms back slightly. “Get on mommy’s back, and hold on. We are going to go really fast.” She exclaimed.

Following the orders of his mom little Heero quickly took hold of his mother’s shoulders, wrapping his small little arms around her neck as he lifted himself up. Mai reached back taking hold of her son’s legs bringing them up and holding him for support. “Ready?” she asked before looking back to see her son through the corner of her eye.

“Mhm! To Hitofuki!” he yelled out pumping a fist before wrapping his arm around his mom again as he gently rested his head on the shoulder blades of her back.

As Apollo slowly walked to the three he gently ran a hand against the shoulders of his wife and smiled. A cool chilling wind softly blew as the sounds of the leaves could be heard from all around. “Let’s go” he exclaimed before the three vanished without a sound, disappearing in sight to never appear once again in the light of this meadow.