1) your heart isnt plastic, and it isn't a toy. but if you want it broken, give it to a boy

2) the thing is feelings dont walk away. people do.

3) best way to not to get your heart broken, is to pretend you dont have one.

4) dont repeat chapters. the ending will never change.

5) i dont make mistakes. apparently, i date them.

6) next time you think of beautiful things, dont forget to count yourself in.

7) the most beautiful thing is looking at your friend and finding they are already looking at you.

8 you know what is hard about being strong? nobody will ask you if you're hurt.

9) a strong women is one who is able to smile in the morning like she wasnt crying the night before.

10) it sucks because you are out there falling in love with someone who isnt me.

11) i fell in love because of your smile