Sunday afternoon:

Interesting smells lately. In our dorm, it has smelled like fecal matter, burritos, and 2-week-old garbage in the past 24 hours. Yay for Melon Calypso~~

had our homecoming concert friday night, parents even came down for it! whee

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we're flying in the mountains! I'm in the second row, second in from the left. Theee only ginger on the trip. :]

then saturday morning was our recording session, and our final farewell to the pieces we've gotten so used to playing.

feeling icky since we got back. runny nose, congestion, sneezing, coughing, the whole gambit.

and a bloody nose this morning when i tried to get some of the gunk out of my nose. *sigh*

totally just slept for 4 or 5 hours... whoops. Have so much freaking stuff to do..

two mini-papers for psych and two or three more for interpersonal comm, two blog entries to write for tech, as well as writing another little paper and an instruction manual.

hi, wikipedia. you're nice.

monday afternoon:

oh frustration. this parfait deal is waaaaay too much work, and everything is going against us.



so much to think about. I actually made up an entirely different calendar for this coming month, because the one I usually operate off of is wrong.

Mondays are mostly always eerily quiet...

ok, so here's the plan. tomorrow i have no idea. Wednesday Interpersonal test. Thursday marketing test, and parfait dealio. Friday heading home, until sunday night. the following week, tuesday tech instructions due, test wednesday, studio class thursday, comm club trip friday, and piano recital and early brit lit convention saturday.
the next week, the 9th is mom's b-day, and have an essay due. thursday another paper due, friday a department recital to play in, and saturday a bridal shower, along with work sat. and sun.
the following week, have a big blog due tuesday, and an outline of our big term paper for history of english, then anime detour the 19th through Sunday afternoon, and OC concert that night :]
After sunday, have a studio class on monday, a huge presentation and another paper due tuesday, thursday a marketing test and tech final project due, work that weekend, and the next week just have the history log due thursday, as well as the final term paper for that class, and a minor assessment thing for tech. then friday's a band concert, and the week after that is finals.

this not counting work on wednesdays, or any meetings, etc. to prepare for said events.

overall, actually pretty simple. o.o


I'm interested to see how this all turns out.