Ok....Notice I went the vamp route with the BEK. Also I let you wonder if she resorts to necrophilia. She doesn't have sex with the skeleton but she does cuddle with it at night. Ok. Next story. Carebears. "Plainbow".
)k. The plainbow. It brings nightmares. I was an intern when they mentioned the original nightmare bringer the Nightbear.{I know, An intern to the place that created the show is a cliche. I just think its the best way.} The boss was talking about it.{Another cliche will appear in 3....2...1.} I found the Nightbear video and watched it.{As Ben says all the time You shouldn't have done that."} The image of a badly burned bear was in every nightmare. He actually killed the bears in the nightmares with his claws and they'd die in real life.{Kruegar as a bear. Just when you thought kids shows were innocent I write this stuff.} After the frightening force feeding scene of Harmony....she survived but through the rest of the series her stomach was gonna be huge and she'd have to eat more and more food.....I didn't want to watch more. I watched the edited version but could swear that Harmony looks bigger then the others and in each nightmare I think I see him. Ok. Time for bed. *A claw pops up through his chest.* Awwww. That kid had alot of heart. Hahahahaha.
Now Pinkiepie Gigglepie and Fluttershy. "Paranoia."
We see a paranoid victim....It looks like Twilight. Wondering if the paranoids ever attack anyone I went towards her."Twilight? Twilight its me Gigglepie. We're heading to Fluttershy's house." Twilight looked up. She looked like she didn't know if she could trust me."O.....Ok. But......I don't know if we'll be safe there. S....,Still I'd rather risk death with Pinkiepie and my self created Fluttercorpse then die here."Pinkiepie hugs Twilight tightly. They had fallen in love. Just like I love Fluttercorpse.{By the way. I found out that theres a Youtuber named Gigglepie so I'm assuming they created the original story.}
Now My Sims. "Shirley & Nicole."
I know you'll assume these 2 are innocent but ones an evil twin. Shirley electrocuted me today. Hmmmm......Looks like you're next.