I had to stretch even in my heels

Even with him leaning down

To wrap my arms around his shoulders.

He was cute

In a way.

But I was tired of hurting

And my mood was rather sullen,

Laughter and music filled my ears

But not my heart.

Little did I know

My arm had been stretched across

The shoulders of my fate.

His eyes burned through me

Trained on me.

This attraction was too strong

And I was very ready

To give it up in a heartbeat.

Even in this group of friends

We were entirely focused on each other.

The sunshine filled my soul

The wind tangled my hair

The trees heard my song

The ground felt my warmth.

My heart felt my excitement

But my mind warned

I was playing a dangerous game.

His skin glowed in the sun

And his smile lit me up

His scent melted me.

I took him to my hiding place

My secret temple

And he felt the beauty of it.

He watched from the rocky bank

As I danced across the water.

It felt intimate in a way

That I knew wan't safe.

As we sat together

The summer sun watching us

And the woods shielded us

But the water reflected the moment.

I leaned against his strength

And nothing could have been more perfect.

The rain fell on us

Catching in my hair

Drenching his clothes.

His arm wrapped around me

Even though it shouldn't have.

He smiled at my silliness

Called it cute.

But the tension was there;

I knew what he wanted.

What he was really asking.

And it scared me.

I couldn't believe myself.

It wasn't really happening.

My clothes were falling

Off my skin

Down to the floor.

His eyes traced my curves.

His hands caressing me.

I blushed at my own boldness,

But his touch was amazing.

Maybe because it was forbidden...

Maybe because he worshiped me

Touching me as though he didn't want to stop

Didn't want to let me go

Didn't want anyone else to have me.

I leaned into my mate

And my lover saw it.

He must not have liked it.

He jumped up

Clenching his jaw

And stormed off.

I felt bewildered.

What could I do?

I was undeniably attracted to my lover

And it was almost impossible

To let go.





My lover

My mate.

I had to smile and act

Like I wasn't dying inside.

Just as I was ready to leave

My lover finally found his voice

But not the right words.

Anger filled me and poisoned me.

Fury shook my frame.

How dare he?

How DARE he?!

He was on the wrong side of that

The passionate hatred

And everyone could see that.

I saw the regret on his face

Once tears pooled in my eyes

And I walked away.