long time ago there was a war between arkian and the ruian. the war between them seems as if it were never going to end. the war lasted for 50 years. until two hero from each side face off each other to a duel. the heroes was none other then Arkai and Raina. the two star cross lover who must face each other to end this chaotic war. one of them offs to the other as the world stood still for a split moment. the two spoke for awhile before they vanished from the scene. as the world moves again both sides saw the two heroes vanishing together in arms. since then the long war has ended but peace was yet to be found in these two nation.

Arkai and raina were the great heroes of the past that stopped the world from being blow apart, so much for the two heroes. In the end the two heroes nations went to war, it was as if the world was to be destroy from the very beginning. even so the two heroes stopped both of them from happening. now after long years after the war 15 years have passed by. Arkai and raina was living together between the two nations lines. the two were completely in love with one another. baring 4 kids together. the first born was named Rein after his mother raina. the second was named Akiria after her father arkai. the other two were twins, a boy and a girl. blessed by the god of these two twins. The boy named Kaedo the girl named Ceruryu.

it was as if nothing had ever had between the two heroes who left the cruel world, though they worry for their kids as always.
Rein was always quite and never seeking to fight a battle between his siblings, But will always help out one another.
while on the other hand akiria would always be picking a fight on the two younger twins.
the twins would always get scared and hide behind big brother Rein to get protection from their big sister akiria. the family of six were doing fine without causing trouble to the outside world.