My blanket's name was LeeLee. He died a tragic death. It was a unique blankey and had this interestingly fun design where I could scratch it endlessly. It was created by my apparently psycho-social, now deceased grandfather who gave my grandma this series of questionable tapes. One of these I've seen that lasted 3+ hours which was of him making this kaleidoscope-type effect with strange music and him saying some Satanic messages which included a number like, "666,666,666,666". I apparently called him Grandpa Cushy (or Kushy) at some point, so that's what we all called him. My mother got me to throw it out when I was around 10.

There's something off about this topic. For starters, what's everyone's obsession with throwing these things out? Does it solve the "security" issues by claiming it's a "security" blanket? Here's the thing, the exact same reaction happens if you were to destroy someone's shoes. You know, like a little prissy b***h. If you had a "security" item, such as a Beanie Baby, would that entice you to get rid of it, or would you be the adult-incarnation of a "collector" who insists said item is worth upwards of $100?

Why should I get rid of my "security" item, when "adults" have to always have their "security" cigarettes in their pocket? Take a "security" blanket away from a child and take a "cigarette" from an "adult" and compare the reaction. Ooh, not so different, is it? How about those pairs of shoes, those video games, that sweater?

Better yet, take a dollar away from a self-proclaimed "capitalist". Watch the hilarity ensue.

You see, what happens is that everyone attaches themselves to a "security" item. The only difference is that you plan on dictating what people should find "security" in, such as the obsessive shoe collector or the video game enthusiast. It's all the same mindset.

Let me make one more comparison; "security" jewelry. Here's the cutoff switch to this mentality. You see that pendant/bracelet/ring you've attached yourself to, that thing you wore everyday since it was given to you? You obsess over it, you won't get rid of it despite how worthless it is. Worthless, but not in the eyes of the U.S. government and trade equivalent. That's why you keep it, because it was a "security" item that you may possibly kill yourself over if you ever lost it, but my blanket? You wanted to dictate that it's worthless to your underachieving ways in which you are just as pathetic as the "economy".

So, what is this wretched course of discourse? Let's make a trade. I got rid of my blanket that I had sentimental value towards since it was given to me when I was 5 that I didn't want to get rid of, now you must get rid of that pendant that was given to you when you were 5 that you still have sentimental value towards.

What's it gonna be? I mean, everyone calls me a retarded ******** whether or not I'm walking around with a blanket. What excludes you? Oh yeah, that's right; jewelry is society's accepted "security blanket", much like their corrupted money, right-e-o? Try going one day without that bracelet your mother gave you. Let's see how quickly you have a nervous breakdown.