Ok. There is not enough Care Bears creepypasta I noticed.
Have you seen "Care....NOT!"? Well I helped create it{A common line in lost episode ones.} and it was originaly "Caring Is Dead." The care bears that helped Grumpy got themselves stuck and starved to death. Funshine actually falls in love with the kid that originaly was a Black Eyed Kid. When she's at her max age of 11.....Her body unlike other BEKs is limited to 11 years old....He marries her. Not blaming anyone for the death of his friends. It then shows him. A skeleton. He died and his beloved drained the last of his blood. She cuddles the skeleton. Pressing the skull against her chest. Wishing she was older and had gigantic breasts. Despite being stuck as an 11 year old she's pregnant.
Now for Gigglepie & Fluttercorpse. "Insanity".
I walked over to Pinkiepie. "Mommy?" Pinkipie looked confuse. "What? Did you lose your mom little one?" I smile a bit. "No. My mommy died of cancer. She was a version of you." For a moment I see the look of insanity in my moms face then she returned to her cheerful self and we walked to Fluttercorpses house.
Now My Sims Pasta. "Spooky trees."
The spooky trees aren't really spook except for the eye tree. My theory its the eyes of creators that commited suicide while creating spooky sims.