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A surprising turn of events My personal journal/blog/diary I guess.... It will give people a rare look into my abnormally usual mind.

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A look back at this whole school year so far...

I'm not sure on how to start this but, i should be a semi-normal person and start at the beginning right?

Alright, the beginning of sophomore year... I wasn't really expecting anything to change from freshman year but you all know how the fates just LOVE to screw with you and throw some curve balls right? (If not, you're damn lucky, and you're lying) anyways freshman year was pretty uneventful I was still a tad bit awkward looking coming from the insanity they call middle school that, I would call a hormonal mistake in the whole timeline of man kind, because everyone is just barely hitting puberty and hormones are flying off the walls, but as i was saying freshman year....

just coming out of that insanity and landing in the middle of I don't want to grow up and I want to get out of this hell hole... personally i was indifferent to the whole thing, i thought it was just going to be another year of school. and it was.. fairly normal i mean i had crushes, but no boyfriends, and i thought that was to be expected. then Freshman year ended, and i was happy it was finnaly over.... then i realized my happy sun filled summer had come to a close and my Sophomore year was tomorrow...

Well during the summer i had acquired a boyfriend to my surprise ( cat_exclaim ) and sure he wasn't the cutest boy in school or the most muscled, but he was nice and my parents loved him... my family had known him for awhile, so i thought why not. well i'm not going to make the same mistake twice.... we had gone to homecoming together and he seemed like the sweetest guy in the world, but after homecoming it's like he lost interest, he didn't acknowledge as his girlfriend in public and i got tirede of it so I ended it.....
and I promised my self that I wouldn't be vunerable to that again, cause he would end up distracting me from school work and my grades suffered from it, so i wouldn't allow that to happen..... And yet some how my best guy friend that at the beginning of the year would only give me hand shakes and keep his distance, learned to hug me freely and get me giggling like a school girl in 5th grade, and some how wormed his way into my heart, and looks like he's there to stay... but what sucks is he's my best guy friend and i have know idea how he feels about me other than the "friend" oh how i would love to massacre that word... it is just not fair for him to destroy my boundaries so easily, to walk right on into my heart and unlock the chains.................. I seriously am so hopelessly in Likeness ( I'm not sure it's love it's too soon to tell) and i'm not sure wether to be happy or suspicious....

cat_surprised cat_confused


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